Sunday, April 19

Lilly Pulitzer + Target purchases

I have been flooded with texts, Facebook messages, Instagram messages, and phone calls asking what I was able to purchase from the Lilly + Target debut today. Luckily, I was able to score almost all of my purchases last night online and I am so glad I did because I heard the stores were a madhouse today! I know you're thinking, "Wait, what?! She wasn't at the store this morning?" Nope! Don't get me wrong, I did go to check out both of our two Targets here after I got up and around to it and while they were very picked over, I was able to get a few more items.

I've had a lot of people ask how I was able to purchase as many items as I did and there wasn't a secret to it. If you've ever tried to purchase from one of the Lilly sales that they have only twice a year online, then you know that within about five minutes, the site will crash. I knew that could happen, so I had my phone open to Instagram where I kept refreshing the #lillyfortarget hashtag to see what people were posting. I also had my desktop computer open to Twitter following the Target President and the Target account for updates. Then, I had my laptop beside me on the Target webpage ready to shop. I made sure I was already logged into my Target account, so all I had to do was type in my pin at checkout using my RedCard.

Once I saw some people on Instagram posting that they were getting items, it was a frantic race with fingers and refreshing websites to try and find the items. I got word on there that you had to Google the items you wanted. Once I Googled the item "lilly pulitzer target gold wedges," I discovered that the only time it would open is on the mobile site. I then started googling items I knew I wanted from my phone and I was able to make a few purchases from there. Now, this was only around 11:30PM CST and Target had announced that it would not go live between 12:00AM and 2:00AM CST. This left all Lilly lovers in freak out mode and complete chaos broke out on the internet, causing the Target website to crash within minutes.

I was able to see that the Target twitter account and the Target president account inform everyone that the items that were getting purchased were live by accident and were not supposed to be live yet, however, those purchases would be honored and to wait until 2:00AM CST and everything would be available again. So, the waiting game began and once 2:00AM hit, all of the items did go live and if you didn't type or click fast, they were gone quickly! Even though it was a bit tricky (and very stressful), I was able to get almost all items that I wanted online before the website crashed within ten minutes!

Online purchases: Pink "See Ya Later Shift Dress (sizes 4 and 6 to see which fits best), "My Fans" shift dress (size 6), See Urchin halter top (size Small), "My Fans" Palazzo pant (size small), White eyelet shorts (size small and medium), Pink eyelet shorts (size small and medium), Blue Challis pompom shorts in "Upstream" (sizes small and medium), gold pineapple sandals (for my mom), 1 basket, and 1 patio umbrella

In-store purchases: Embroidered Tunic in blue bell (size XS), Girls "My Fan's maxi dress in size XL (yes, it fit me!), and all of the hair accessories. I had a friend grab the two patio pillows for me since she knew I wanted them! :)

Tuesday, November 11

master bath reveal

I honestly would say that I keep forgetting to post photos and details about the big master bath remodel that took place ALL. LAST. YEAR, but I was actually waiting until I got around to cleaning it so I could take photos, too. Ha.

Here are the before photos, taken with my phone, so they a pretty small and blurry, but they give you somewhat of an idea of the transformation. We basically had to take out the entire front part of the house and redo it from top to bottom (inside and out).

The very blue bathroom was what used to be our "master" bathroom. It was very small. You could literally wash your hands while you were sitting on the toilet. The pink bathroom was a very large bathroom in the center of the house. Basically the "guest" bathroom. It was very large, but set up very strangely.

The story we received when we purchase this home, was that the people that lived here before us, the originally owners since 1952, built the home exactly how they wanted it. It has been said it was very "high class" for them to have a "his" and separate "hers" bathroom. Naturally, her bathroom was pink and MUCH larger. It contained two closets, a vanity, and a bathtub, toilet, sink, and windows, while his bathroom was very small and just had a small shower with standing room only for one, a small linen closet, toilet, and sink. We were pretty much left with no other choice than to demo the entire center of the home and expand the "master" into what was the pink guest bathroom to create more room.



The after....

I have created a Pinterest board with most of the resources for the items we choose in the bathroom. If there is something that you would like to know more about, just ask! The chandelier was an original in the home that we used, so that will not be found on there. Just click here to access that.

Hopefully, I will get around to taking photos of the guest bathroom, a.k.a. Dylan's bathroom, too. It is the same style, as we used many of the same finishes, paint colors, etc., just on a smaller scale.

Wednesday, November 5

Organizing children's artwork

I have struggled with finding a way to organize Dylan's artwork that has started coming home from school with him for a while now. It normally was put on the refrigerator for everyone to see, but it began to look like a mess, especially for this Type A personality. I started throwing some things away that I would have liked to keep. Is anyone else like this? I'm going to assume it's not just me!

I found a simple solution to remove the artwork from my refrigerator and keep in Dylan's room. He is just as proud to see it displayed in there, too. It has been a great purchase, and very cheap, too! I purchased a curtain rod wire from Ikea and the small clips that hang on it, too.

I have started hanging the current artwork that he brings home once a week, or every two weeks or so, on these clips in his room. When the wire is filled up, I remove those items and place them in a file box I made just for him. I purchased this from Walmart for about $10 and then the file folders. I labeled those by age and just keep adding to that section. I think it will be nice for him (and us) to look back at his projects in here as he grows and it keeps it all in one place.

Here are the links to the Ikea items used to hang his artwork on the wall. This would look cute in a playroom, or even a kitchen, too!

Wednesday, January 29

100 days of school

Tomorrow is Dylan's 100th Day of School! I know he only goes to school two days a week, so really, this isn't even close to 100 days for him, but that's ok - he can still celebrate! ;) His project was to make a super hero cape with 100 "things" on it.

We went through many discussions as to what to put on his cape. (I really put way too much thinking into these sorts of things and while I know it is Dylan's project, not Kari's project, let's be real.) If I was going to take the time to "make" anything, you know I'm going to do my best. This is something that I want Dylan to learn from me. No matter how big, or small, the project, you should give it your best effort and do your best work! I was always called an overachiever throughout school. I'm still referred to as an "overachieving" mother and get lots of eye-rolls, but that's ok.

Back to his cape, I thought I had it narrowed down to an idea of a Buzz Lightyear cape and stitching 100 stars on it, but I still thought 100 stars would be tacky. I want this cape to be something he can still have and play with, I mean, why make anything if you can get good use out of it?! While I was still planning to get everything needed for his Buzz cape, I came up with a simpler idea, but functional, as well. I decided on a simple super hero outline with the number 100 inside of it. This might not be 100 "things," on the cape, but he has 100 on his cape. I twisted the assignment rules a bit, I guess. I will still be sending him to school with several baggies of 100 "things" for him and his friends, if needed, too! ;)

To make it even more functional, I decided to make it reversible and have the same super hero outline with a letter D inside of it for him to wear anytime. It turned out very cute and the best part was that he LOVES it! He even insisted on wearing it to bed the other day for his nap!

Happy 100 Days of School!

Oh yeah, and since I'm "that mom",  I made him a 100 Days of School shirt, too! I'll go polish my Mom of the Year trophy now! (just kidding, gosh!)

Tuesday, September 24

Remember this...

I know I haven't written here in... forever, but I wanted to sit and make time to write this sweet little moment that happened yesterday so that I will always remember it and also to share it with all of you.

It's probably no secret that Dylan's two days a week at school has been an adjustment for all of us. Separation Anxiety is real and my child has it, but this is very normal, especially with children that stay home every day with their momma. Each day we drop him off at school has gotten better and better, but it's still hard.

Last night, he went to play with his best buds, Payce & Knox. At one moment, the three of them sat in a little circle together in a different room than we were in. Basically, it looked like a little water "tea party", a manly one, of course. While they sat there, we happened to stop our adult conversation to hear them talking to each other...

Payce strikes up the conversation by saying, "So, Dylan, you're in school... do you like school?" Dylan's response, without missing a beat and having no idea we can hear them, says, "Yes, uh, but I miss my Momma."

It was the most precious moment! I grabbed my chest and started to tear-up and cry. Yes, I know he misses me, but to hear him say this sentence, as his mother, words cannot describe.

Today, when he arrived at school Mark said he was a bit sad and told him that he didn't want to go, which is normal. However, there were NO TEARS. NO CRYING! He was sad to stay and have Daddy leave him, but this is such a great thing that he didn't even cry. Yay!

When we went to pick him up, he was in Stretch & Grow class and we went a level above and were able to look down and watch him. He didn't know we were there watching. It's very interesting to watch him and how he interacts while we are not there. He is very quiet and keeps to himself. He stays VERY close to his teacher, Miss Kristen, and has developed a bit of an attachment to her now. You can see him in the photo that I took sitting right next to her, like he always does.

Miss Kristen gave us an excellent report on him today and told us how amazing he did at drop-off time. He only cried a bit after he woke up from nap, but it was no big deal. He had no potty accidents and enjoyed coloring a photo of his family! His artwork was very impressive. Seriously. I will post a photo of it when we get it back. Right now, it is hanging in the classroom. To celebrate a great day, we came home and made some coke floats! :)

Friday, May 24

Monkey & Mommy week

I always feel like I am not doing enough at home with Dylan. Since taking on this "home business" I am always trying to just find something to entertain him while I try to get work done and, although I'm sure I still do more than I think with him, I never feel like it's enough quality time. I have a feeling I will always feel this way. Anyway, I decided that since Mark started planting this week and would not be coming home until very late, that I would make sure I did something fun (out of the house) with Dylan. We get into such a boring normal routine that sometimes even simple errands are fun for us. It gets us out of the house. Even though the orders kept coming in, I have set those aside as much as I can, to do something with Dylan each day.

Monday, I took him to lunch at Sugarbaker's Cafe & Bakery after running a couple of errands. This might seem like no big deal to some, but to even attempt to take this wild child to eat in public is quite a task. It's even more of a task when I am doing it alone. I sound like a wimp, but really. Aside from getting him to only take two bites of a sandwich because his fun ladybug cookie was sitting right there taunting him, he did very well at lunch and got lots of attention from all of the old ladies that were there.

Tuesday, I took him to the mall and did some shopping. Got some stuff for me and for him. We also spent some time at the water fountain throwing in pennies and making wishes. Dylan wished for a truck, and new Buzz. He also had to have an Icee and some pretzel sticks when we walked past those, too. On our way out, I took him to the bookstore and he had fun in the children's section browsing and picked out a new Brave book.

Wednesday, I took him to the Science Spectrum. I wondered what I had gotten myself into when we pulled into the parking lot and there were about 15 school buses there. Next time, I am going to take him on STAAR testing day! Ha!

It really wasn't too busy, though, especially because he spent most of his time inside the Children's Museum section that is only allowed for small children. He loved it there! I paid extra to take him into the special Butterfly House with all different kinds of butterflies that fly around you. That was me being adventurous. We lasted about maaaaybe 2 minutes before I decided we needed to get out of there! Haha! I'm such a loser!

We went down to the lower level and he was excited, and then quickly terrified at the large dinosaur he saw! He was so scared! Living up to my Mother-of-the-Year title, I made him stand there and smile like a brave boy so I could get a picture. When the camera clicked, he came running and crying to me! Haha! I'm so mean, but he looks like he loved it in the picture!

Thursday, Dylan slept-in pretty late because I took him to ride the tractor with Mark after his bath. They ended up working and didn't get home until after 4am! So, everyone was pretty tired and slept until about 11:00. Dylan's Mimi came and got him around noon to spend the day with him and I worked on lots of invitations and embroidering items for people.

Today (Friday), I packed a picnic and took Dylan to one of his favorite parks. He played and then we sat on our picnic blanket and ate our lunch. It was pretty windy, but we still had a good time and were thankful that the weather was nice today! A little wind I can take, tornadoes, no. Not this week.

Thursday, May 16

The BEST self-tanner

I love this stuff so much, that I NEED to share it with you! I have seen numerous Facebook posts of everyone back in the tanning beds to get ready for summer and as much as I would love to go lay in one, too, I know I shouldn't!

Gone are the days where we would go to our apartment office and use the tanning bed, meet at the pool to lay-out, and THEN go to the tanning salon and do it again. All in one day. Yes, guilty of doing that. I am so ashamed, but I know I'm not alone. Please, please, please think about yourself more now and if you love the bronze look, think twice before laying in a tanning bed.

I have turned to Mystic Tan at the local tanning salon lately and I love it, but that can get expensive. I FINALLY found the perfect at-home self-tanner for you! I have used it 5 times now and I love it more and more. The bottle is still really full, too! So, I am not sure yet how many applications I will be able to get out of it, but it's worth the money so far! I have used many other self-tanners on the market and they do not measure-up at all, in my opinion, to this one. It's St. Tropez's Self Tan Bronzing Mousse. I bought mine here on Amazon, because I am a Amazon Prime member, so it was super easy.

I have been using it about once to twice a week, after my shower at night. I always put it on the days that I shave my legs, because it's better to exfoliate and shave before putting it on. So, shower, shave, dry off, put lotion on your ankles, knees, toes, elbows, and fingers. I put on disposable rubber gloves, too. I got a package of those on Amazon, too. Then, you just rub it all over yourself. I do one leg at a time, then my tummy, then my chest, one arm at a time, and then my neck and face last. You get the idea. It only takes about 15 minutes to put it on and it dries REALLY fast and can put on your pj's! I don't even have to stand in front of a fan. I sleep in it and then shower the next day and it's perfect!

Try it out! I promise, it's great!