Tuesday, December 22

One down, three to go

We have already had our Christmas with Mark's side of the family this past weekend. Even though this is considered a small family gathering, it still consists of 16 people. In order to keep spending down this year, we decided to draw names of family members to buy for, that way, everyone only has to buy for one person. It seemed to turn out very well, even though some did not stick to the rules. I convinced Mark that it would be a meaningful gift if he could find time to build Ransom (the name he drew) a rocking horse for Christmas. Even though I did not see my husband for a week straight and he showed up to the gather 2 hours late, it was adorable! I am so lucky to have a husband that can do just about anything. I am sure he can do EVERYTHING, but he seems to act as though he cannot do the things he does not want to. I guess that comes with his selective hearing, as well.

Three more to go... Lulu's Christmas (I might wear a nice summer dress, since she keeps the place a piping 80 degrees at all times), Our very own Christmas with just the two of us, and the Crawford Christmas in Mesquite.