Thursday, December 30


We had a good Christmas at Nonnie & Duke's! We were a bit worried about traveling in the car for the first time, but he did very well and slept almost the entire time! We only had to make one stop to have a bottle and then we were back on the road! We were also worried about going somewhere for so many days without all of our stuff, but once again, he adapted very well and even liked sleeping in a different crib. It really helped having two extra people around to switch off holding, dancing, and doing squats with him. He enjoyed shopping, going out to eat, making a trip to see Santa the second time to make sure he would follow us to Dallas, seeing Aunt Angela, Ryan, Leigh, and Daniel, and meeting his girlfriend, Skylar, for the first time. He was upset that his Aunt Kristen wasn't there, but will get to see her in a few weeks.
 Taking Dylan to see Santa, again, at the Bass Pro Shop. We had to prove to him that Santa would come to Dallas for him, too. :)
 Hanging out with Daniel, Daddy, and brown bear

Santa and all of Dylan's family and new friends spoiled him rotten this holiday! It was so much fun having a little one around during Christmas time, but I can't wait for next year already when he will start to understand a little bit more what is going on!

Dylan in his reindeer outfit
Dylan and Duke
Dylan thinkin' about home, hence his little 'guns up' pose
Dylan and Nonnie opening a present (and brother Hurley's tail)
Hurley checking out Dylan's present - a nap nanny
Dylan and Nonnie watching
Hurley watching Dylan test out his new nap nanny
Surrounded by a lot of presents

Daddy and Dylan watching us open presents
Listening to his new Kid Hip name CD - He loovves this CD, especially the Raspberry Spray & Monkey Counts to 20 songs!
Yeah, that's us. We had to rent a Uhaul to pack all of our stuff to go back home in!

Monkey milestones

The week of Christmas was full of a few little milestones for Dylan. We aren't sure if it is due to taking him more places, such as shopping and to restaurants, but he began sleeping through the night. It hasn't been consistently every night yet, but it has occurred very frequently and it is soo nice!

What's up with this? At 5:30 the other night morning, I woke up to check on him and he was upside down in his crib asleep! I mean, completely turned from head to toe around. I knew Mark wouldn't believe me, so I had to wake him up to see for himself and he just looked at me stunned and said, "How did he turn around?" I looked at him with a puzzled look on my face. Several people have told us that this is the beginning of him to start rolling over, which I think is pretty advanced for his age (my baby genius!, lol) But, really, it scared me and he is no longer able to sleep with blankets in his crib!

Monkey lost his mittens! I started taking Dylan's mittens off of his hands and he has now discovered his fingers! He even did this...

He hasn't held his bottle completely by himself again, but tries to wrap his hands around it more and more. He is so smart!

I'm not too thrilled about this one, but he has fallen in love with the T.V. now. Everyday he likes to watch cartoons and when I try to turn him away he just stretches his neck even further to find the T.V. What a couch potato!

Oh, and how could I forget this cuteness?! Dylan had his first date!! He met his girlfriend, Skylar, for the first time. He loved her and smiles when people say her name to him.



I've had a few people wanting to see Dylan's room, so I thought I would post a few pictures of it to share. I know I have mentioned it before, but this is my faaavvvvorite room ever! When we came back from Dallas, I went straight to his room to rock him to sleep and I just kept saying over and over in my head how I love his bedroom. It's so sweet & peaceful! Of course, I am NEVER done decorating, so I should be able to update these photos every now and then with little touches I add. Clicking on each photo will enlarge it.

...and Daddy still needs to put some letters on the wall... ;)


Sunday, December 26

Smart shopping

Since I haven't had much chance at all to go anywhere to shop this holiday, I had to do most all of my shopping online. There are two amazing ways I was able to save money and get great deals that I thought I would share:

This website features brand names like crazy! They change their sale items out everyday and you get things for half off the original price, or more! I have ordered several toys, ed hardy baby clothing and more from this website. You just need to make sure to check back often and see what brands will be going on sale the following day. It really pays off! If you click the link below, you can submit that I referred you to their site when you make your first purchase and I would oh-so-love-it!!!

2) Amazon Prime at

Originally, I joined Amazon Prime because it was a free 30-day trial and I remember telling Mark to remind me to cancel it as soon as the 30 days were up! I lost track of time (preggers) and ended up having my credit card charged for a years worth of free two-day shipping for $80. I was mad at myself because I just got charged $80! I decided I better try to use it wisely and boy did I! I bought almost EVERY Christmas gift through Amazon. I always ordered books through Amazon, but I have found that if I was looking for anything (toys, waffle makers, car seat base, blu rays, wii games, etc.) I could get it from Amazon, if not a cheaper price! Plus, I get free two-day shipping for a year!! It has been totally worth it and I have really gotten my money's worth because shipping charges really add up! I think everyone should join! It's awesome!


Thursday, December 16


Dylan got to meet Santa today! He was a happy little guy as we waited in line, but turned out falling asleep. I don't blame him. We were the third family in line waiting for Santa to return from his break at 2:00, but when one of his "elves" showed up at 2:10, she wasn't the merriest elf.

Man: "Excuse me, ma'am, does Santa come back at 2?"
Elf: "We had a late lunch!! He'll be back late!"

This scene reminded me of this...

I can't wait for the 24 hours of this on Christmas Eve! Anyway, Santa ended up arriving at 2:30 and they sure do take their time with pictures. Dylan was able to sit on his lap at 3:15, keep in mind, we were THIRD in line. The Northpark Mall 4-hour wait might not have been that bad.

Santa was friendly, despite his little helper, and held Dylan while he was asleep and loved on him. They didn't let us take pictures with our camera, but the prices weren't too terrible. At least he wasn't screaming! :)


Wednesday, December 15

2 months old!

Dylan is now 2 months old (well, he was on Monday)! He still has his little fits about every other night. He still loves the water running from the kitchen sink and it is still the only thing that calms him down immediately. He makes sure that I get my daily workout in several times a day because now he makes us do lunges to keep him happy in our arms. Mark and I have to trade off (when he is here) about every 5 minutes to cool down and wipe the sweat from our faces. Who needs a treadmill when I get this kind of workout?! He has started to stay awake a smile in response to my smile and lovvvves getting kisses from Mommy. It is neat to watch him turn his head towards Mark when he hears him come in the room and say something. I want him to start laughing soo badly! I can't wait to hear this lil' monkey giggle!


Rhoads Family Christmas

Yes, we had Christmas THAT early. December 10th to be exact. Dylan, as well as the other kiddos, was spoiled as usual. Mimi gave him lots of books, clothes, socks, a bathtub thermometer, a Baby Einstein toy, and much more! Mimi tried to take her annual Christmas card picture of all of the children next to the tree and well, this is how it turned out:

As you can see, it turned out well, haha. Maybe Mimi got better shots than my photographer (Mark)

The highlight of the night for me was watching Ransom sneak icing on his finger from the cake on the table several times, hearing Kati spell names by herself by sounding them out, and teaching Karli to throw her baby on the floor and yell "Bad baby!" haha

Can't live without...

Since we are definitely in more of a routine now, I thought about all of the little things that we use everyday and cannot go living a day without. Might be helpful for any soon-to-be-mommies registering.

1. no-scratch mittens because he he thinks his face is an emery board 2. children's place blanket sleeper because he hates being covered with a blanket when he sleeps 3. conair su7 sound therapy and relaxation radio clock 4. children's place stretchies because zippers are easier than buttons, they're cheap, and they fit well

5. johnson's bedtime bath soap 6. johnson's bedtime lotion 7. johnson's safety swabs (I use these to get boogers out of his nose, lol) 8. dr. brown's bottle warmer is a major time saver and fits all tall and short bottles

9. baby b'jorn carrier 10. what to expect the first year book 11. luv u zoo play mat because he likes to play with it and watch it rotate. I can set him down here to look and play while I run to the potty 12. diaper genie elite - doesn't keep out the stink completely, but definitley helps!

13. bright starts ingenuity bouncer - actually bounces, not just a vibration! 14. summer infant video monitor 15. itzbeen timer - you all know I love this! 16. mylicon gas drops

17. fisher price starlight swing - plugs in, no batteries needed!! 18. born free bottles 19. cloud b lamb on-the-go to make his lovely water sound 20. pamper's sensitive swaddlers diapers