Tuesday, January 12

I love being an Aunt!

Of course Mark and I are super excited to have our own children someday (yes, he WILL be excited! haha!), but it is just wonderful to be able to spend the fun times with our nieces nephews, teach them inappropriate things, and then send them home!

All of our family members have learned that Mark and I are notorious for teaching small children things that will embarrass them when they go in public and say or do it. Kati is one of our favorites. She is at the exact age where she repeats everything! We have now moved on from just showing her to dance with "hands on your knees" and showing "see-food" at the dinner table, to teaching her that it is a great idea to work at Hooters when she grows up, as well as asking Santa for a boob-job.

I know we will get what's coming to us.... but it's just so darn cute!

Kari and Karli
(sang her to sleep singing "Baby Got Back" this past weekend!)

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