Thursday, January 14

Learning to Share

I'm not sure if other girls are like me, but I have found that I have a hard time sharing. I actually just realized this. I do not like letting other people share my clothing, shoes, etc. but it actually goes much deeper. When I find a great deal or something totally awesome, I keep it to myself, as if I am trying to hide my secret things. I secretly do not want any other girl knowing about all of my cool "things" because then they might "copy me". I suppose I need to start learning to share... after all, when people "copy" you, it is suppose to be flattering. I am going to try "sharing" some new little things I find and love with all of you. You might want to try them out, too!!

1. This might be a crazy thing to "share", but I know there are people out there that hate taking pills and have a difficult time doing them, just like I do. That is one of the reasons I never took big multivitamins, until I found these....

One A Day VitaCraves - Gummies
I think they actually made me start feeling better after about a week of taking them!

2. We have a difficult time finding good balls for Hurley to play with that he doesn't end up chewing right through. Besides his big clunky Kong ball, we love this new one he got for Christmas.

It's a Cotton Rope Toy from Harry Barker

3. Finally, I normally don't get all crazy for socks, but when I got a pair of these for Christmas and they actually fit, it was a big deal! They have Shea butter built into them and made my feet feel amazing, as well as softer and my feet need it after being on these wood floors all of the time!

Bath & Body Works Lounge Shea Socks
(only $5 right now!!)


  1. I'm leaving a comment because finally the option was there!

    I believed we shared a time or 2...

    I believe I would like to copy you & be JUST like you, Kari Berry...

    I believe I am the complete opposite & LOVE sharing my awesome finds!

    Soooo...I WIN!!!

  2. lol... you're a ratard