Monday, May 31

Ahhhhh...summer... and 19 weeks....

What a nice feeling it was sleeping in on a Monday and feeling in no rush to do anything! I forgot how difficult it was trying to find something to watch on daytime T.V., but watching the news at noon and then the background of soap operas on as I clean is a goooood feeling! It made me realize I need to get back into my summer routine now. Last year, I was really good at finding new recipes and cooking meals all of the time when Mark came home from work. Hopefully, I can get back to that... we'll see, though.

I have heard and been reading that I am supposed to get all of my energy back now that I'm in the 5th month of pregnancy, but I keep feeling that all the energy is getting sucked out of me again, which is disappointing now that I can stay up late and don't have to go to work!

All I keep thinking about is how nice it would be to be relaxing in a pool, but really?! Pregnancy is not as cute as I thought it would be on my body! I'm over getting fat now... just over it!

Good news - 9 days and we will know if it's a girl or boy, which means LET THE SHOPPING BEGIN!!

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