Monday, June 21

1st Baby Book

I made my first ETSY purchase and now I LOVE this website. I am pretty on top of all online shopping, but didn't even really understand what ETSY was...until now. It's basically an EBAY, but the sellers HAND MAKE everything!! I ordered Dylan's 1st baby book from this lady Julie on there and it is the cutest and most perfect little book. I am always trying to find things different from everyone else and the boring baby books in all of the stores just weren't doing anything for me. I wanted to share this lady's etsy website incase others are looking for adorable baby books for themselves or a friend!


  1. Kristen Thomas26 June, 2010

    That's where I bought our ring bear pillow from! Which book design did you get?

  2. Solid Chocolate brown and then she personalized it with a light blue D and the name dylan in chocolate brown in front of the blue D