Thursday, June 24

Cake Decorating: check!

Well, almost check!

Mark took me tonight to sign up for cake decorating classes. I mentioned before how I wanted to take a sewing and a cake decorating class, so I guess I better get started on it. I was actually planning to be in sewing classes as of now, since I was positive I was going to have a baby girl and would be making her tons of clothes, blankets, bows, hats, etc. and now that plans have changed, I didn't think there would be too many things I could actually make for a boy. The good news: this has saved us a ton, and I mean a TON, of money so far.

The classes start on July 5th and are every Monday night for 4 weeks. We will see how this goes. I was a bit disappointed that I am expected to bring loads of supplies and purchase many things to bring to class, but this is Michael's, and not some fancy-shmancy bakery.

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