Tuesday, July 6

Pregnancy Favorites

Thought I would make a list of all the favorite items I have used/worn during pregnancy. I wish someone would have made a list for me!

1. Lilypadz

I ended up leaking starting at 5 months and when I went to buy some washable pads to put in my bra, I came across these. Only $20. You can wash them with soap and water and they stick right to you. You can even wear them with no bra, with sun dresses, or to bed to be more comfortable! I bought mine at Target!


2. GAP Maternity jeans with a Demi panel

Living in Lubbock, I was pretty much stuck to buying maternity clothing from Target, Motherhood, or Old Navy. When Mom and I found a Gap that had a maternity section in Dallas, I fell in love. I have been wearing the full panel jeans and every time we washed them, the elastic started coming out and wrapping around everything! When I wear the GAP maternity jeans and shorts, it doesn't feel like I am pregnant anymore!! My clothes feel normal and I am not constantly tugging them up every time I take two steps. Buying their pants was one of the greatest days!!

3. Palmer's Cocoa Butter - FRAGRANCE FREE!
I couldn't stand the smell of the cocoa butter when I put it on. I think it was because my nose was just picking up scents times 10! I ended up having to order this lotion from Amazon because I couldn't find it in any of the stores, but it was well worth the shipping charge and didn't make me feel queasy after putting it on!

4. Target Maternity tank tops by Liz Lange, $9.99

I was buying the plain tank tops from Old Navy to put under my denim jackets and baggy shirts, but when I grabbed one at Target one day, it was much cheaper and fit more "normal". The straps are thinner and look much better than some of the maternity ones I have found!

5. Target Up&Up Brand Prenatal & DHA pills

Never made me feel sick and really cheap!

6. Old Navy maxi dresses
I bought these is every color I liked and they don't even have to be from the maternity section. Why? I just cut the bottoms of them off for how tall I am and you can't even tell because they brush the floor and roll up naturally. Wearing these long sun dresses was much more comfortable than anything else most days!

7. Lullabelly

OK, I thought these were really stupid when I saw them in a magazine, but when I got to about 20 weeks pregnant, I was wanting to find a way to play music for the baby and let's face it, normal plastic headphones don't fit around a pregnant belly. When I started looking for these music systems, I originally wanted the really expensive Ritmo one by Nuvo, but I didn't want to pay $130 for this silly device. I did some research and found this one for only $55. Mines green, It's fun!

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  1. Good to know! Still lots to learn on the second go around. I registered for the lily pads and wondered if they would work. The disposable ones always made me itch. FYI, the target brand diapers are the best "cheap" ones I have found. We use them at home but still use huggies at night and on the go.