Sunday, July 25

Week 26

That is my thumb and not a weird looking belly button poking out of my dress!
After looking at the picture Mark took, I made the comment, "It looks like I have a butt in the front AND the back!" He laughed. I said, "Look for yourself!" He said, "I don't need to see it on the camera, I see it all of the time, babe!"

Week: 26

Total weight gain/loss: I really don't know. We don't even have a scale at home. I guess we will find out at the doctor this coming week, but that will be in the Week 27 post!

Sleep: I have been having a hard time sleeping for several weeks now. However, a couple of days this past week, I slept amazing! One night, I even went to bed before Mark did!

Best moment this week: Thursday I had a strange spark of energy and got up around 10, got all dressed, and was out the door SHOPPING by 11! It was like I was NORMAL again! lol I say that because that is usually what goes on during the summer for me. This summer, I have done much more shopping online.

While shopping, I came across some of my favorite candles: Tyler Candle's Limelight scent. This has been my very favorite candle and smell for quite some time, however, I recently made the big switch to Scentsy warmers for two reasons: 1) I am deathly scared of fire and lighting a candle has always been quite a task for me, and 2) I kept noticing the black smoky residue all over the house from burning candles.

Since I made this big switch to Scentsy, I have been without my Limelight scent for a long time....UNTIL NOW! I FINALLY found that Tyler Candle Co. is making "mixer melts" (basically scentsy warmers and the little cubes of wax for them)! This means, I can use my Scentsy warmers and have my favorite smell again!!

Even bigger excitement: The little packs of wax are only $1.99!!!!! They are the same size as the Scentsy cubes, but WAY cheaper!!!! Just google, and order these puppies online!

Baby Movement: I have felt much more movement. I kept wondering why I would only feel a good punch or kick one at a time, but now I can feel much more movement going on and more little kicks happening in a row!

Food cravings: Those big pretzels at the mall. I have yet to get one, though. Mark needs to get more on-top of going and getting me things like that at the drop-of-a-hat, don't you think?

Anything make you queasy or sick? The smell of taco meat! Not sure why now, but this past week, I can't even smell tacos, or think about making them!

Have you started to show yet?: Are you kidding. I started showing as soon as I found out I was pregnant!

Leakage: Yep! Started at 20 weeks, but my little LilyPadz have worked very well!

Labor signs: Not that I know of

Belly button In or Out: Still an innie, thank goodness!

Wedding ring On or Off: I can still wear it, which surprises me because I had to put my TTU ring in the jewelry box a few weeks ago! :(

Happy or Moody most of the time: This week? MOODY! I start crying randomly and I'm not even sure why I am crying.

Milestones: Hmmm... I guess not!

Weekly Wisdom: O.K., when I found this little questionnaire to fill out for each week, I liked it, but I think I am going to make changes. This week, I will change the "Weekly Wisdom" to "Weekly Baby Purchase" because that is much more interesting to me! I am always buying things for Dylan and myself, and I might as well share what I am finding, so here it is:

Weekly Baby Purchase(s):

Giant stuffed giraffe for Dylan's room

(I'm thinking about getting a giant elephant and lion, as well. Mom says to wait and see if the giraffe looks lonely in the room by himself. How could the giraffe NOT look lonely all by himself??? lol)

LatchOn breastfeeding cover

(You just clip this on any blanket you're using to cover yourself when feeding, instead of buying one of those silly big "hooter hider" apron things)


I got on a "book kick" this week and wanted all sorts of books for Dylan. The reason I really bought these three was because I was asking Mark the other night if we ever got lightening bugs here in Lubbock. He told me that we didn't and he has actually never seen one in person. I was shocked! It made me think of the Firefly book by Eric Carle and how they all light-up at the very end. So, I really bought the book for Mark. I know they aren't real, but it made me think of the cute book and had to get it. Then, of course, I had to purchase more than one to get my order high enough to get free shipping!!! So, I got the book Little Boy because Christina reccommended it, and I got the Peek-A-Boo board book because it was my favorite book when I was little! I think I will put the rest of the books I want on Dylan's Christmas list!


  1. i love your questionnaire! i may steal it from well as some of your other ideas and purchases.

  2. they sell fake scentsy melts at some walgreens stores, too. they're only $3.50!