Thursday, August 12

The Nursery (still in progress)

Here are a few pictures of Dylan's room (so far). We still have some things to get done, but it has become our favorite room in the house. It is very calm in there. Hurley and Chiko love it when we open the door and let them lay on the carpet in there and Hurley ALWAYS goes in to give the giraffe a kiss and say 'hello' to him. We have all of the bedding, but still need the crib (...DAD!) and we will be making some chocolate brown tie-backs for the curtains. The built in bookshelves/drawers will be used as the changing table area because it is a good height for me. I actually was taking pictures in the room because I wanted to get pictures of the little white rocking chair. We just had it re-upholstered, as it was Mark's grandmother's old rocking chair. It turned out really cute! We both got upset when we got home and sat down in it and realized that they greased the bottom of the chair and the old annoying noise it made as you rocked was gone! We liked the creaky noise!

If you click on a picture, it will open larger for you to see. Soon enough, we will have more pictures to share!


  1. i think the giraffe DOES look lonely by need more giant animals!

  2. Looking very cute! The rocking chair noise might have been sentimental but once that sleeping baby is in it, you will be glad it is oiled! Dylan will be here before you know it, can't wait to meet him!!

  3. Kathleen - Doesn't Hurley count as another giant animal to keep the giraffe company? lol jk, I think we need more, too!

    Christy - I can't believe how soon he will be here! Tonight we were in the car and I told Mark it was crazy that all of the people that were scheduled to deliver right before me have now given birth! I'm next!!! eeek!

  4. LOVE the nursery! It looks so calm and peaceful in there! And I think hurley does count as a giant animal! Haha.

  5. Hurley looks like he belongs in to the giraffe!!

    The room looks great!!