Saturday, August 14

Week 29

Week: 29

Total weight gain/loss: We will find out at the doctor on Wednesday. I hate that part of the visit!

Sleep: I have been waking up a lot in the middle of the night feeling like I am STARVING! I may have eaten right before bed and had a normal dinner, but that doesn't matter. It feels like I haven't eaten all week. I usually get up and eat some cereal or crackers, but since it usually happens around 3 or 4 in the morning, I try to wait since I'm so tired. I still have to get up at least 2 or 3 times in the middle of the night to go potty, but now it is even more annoying because I am having to ROLL to my side to get out of bed! I am having a lot of trouble trying to just sit up like normal!!

Best moment this week: I was actually able to paint my own toenails, sort of. It has been driving me crazy that I can't bend over and do little things like I used to. I ended up having to prop my foot up on the toilet and only do about 2 toes at a time, then the weight on my other leg would get so heavy, I would have to take a break. That aside, I DID IT!

Movement: I have been woken up during the night by him moving in my stomach!! Yes, I am actually getting woken up because he is having a party in my tummy! Does this mean that if he likes being awake in the middle of the night now, that he will be awake the same time after I deliver? He is going to be a little party animal/night owl.

Food cravings: McDonald's new fruit smoothies

Anything make you queasy or sick? It seems like something made me gag this week and we had to leave a room, but of course, I can't remember what it was.

Have you started to show yet?: I should probably just delete this question now... I mean, really?!

Leakage: Might as well get rid of this question, too. I am leaking like an old pipe! I know, gross.

Labor signs: Not yet.

Belly button In or Out: STILL IN!

Wedding ring On or Off: STILL ON!

Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody. Definitely moody this week! Maybe because I have been having to wake up early to go to school workshops, meetings, etc. but I'm mooooooody!

Weekly Wisdom: Not sure if this is considered wisdom, but Hurley has been extremely protective of me starting this week. He has always been pretty protective, but if Mark even looks at me a weird way, or our conversation starts to get somewhat serious, Hurley steps between us and starts growling and barking at Mark! It happens before we even notice how we are talking to each other and then we start laughing because I guess we weren't smiling enough at each other and Hurley doesn't like it, even though everything is fine.

Weekly Baby Purchase: I didn't buy anything for the baby this week, but I just remembered that I ordered some things from Forever 21 Maternity. I was so excited when the news went nuts-o with Forever 21 carrying a maternity line in a negative way, but I was so happy! I love Forever 21! They don't have very many things to buy yet, but I check their website almost every week for something new, because once it goes up, they seem to sell out very quickly. I bought a dress, belly band, lightweight sweater, and this week a sweater for winter time. I am not sure if it will get cold while I am still pregnant, but thought I should have a couple sweaters ready, just in case.

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