Sunday, August 29

Week 31

Week: 31

Total weight gain/loss: 18 pounds and still counting...

Sleep: Slept pretty good this week, but I know it is from being completely exhausted from the first days of school!

Best moment this week: Feeling like I know what I'm doing as a teacher now. (Well, sometimes...) But, the first week went by very smoothly for me. They always say you're 3rd year is your best! We will see about that... maybe being gone half of the year with a sweet little baby will help qualify it for "the best"!

Something funny at school ... the kids were doing their morning work and one boy made a loud shiver sound and said, "I can't wait 'til you have that baby! Then, maybe we won't be so cold in here!"

Movement: Lots of movement.... sometimes it is so uncomfortable because it is a tight turning feeling. I can literally feel my bladder getting banged on as I walk sometimes and that is just plain annoying!

Food cravings: Orange Cream Sodas and lots of sweets!

Anything make you queasy or sick? I am guessing the day before school starting last week was just some sort of "bug" I caught. I haven't had any more episodes like that this week and made it through the first week very well!

Have you started to show yet?: Yes, but everyone keeps saying that I don't look like I'm "very pregnant" yet. What does that mean?! I disagree...

Leakage: Yes, yes, yes

Labor signs: Don't think so...

Belly button In or Out: Still in! My skin feel so tight on my belly now, I'm scared it's just going to go POP!

Wedding ring On or Off: It has stayed on, until yesterday... I actually got it on, but it hurt to bend my finger! So, I yanked it off and then was informed I better just quit wearing it now so it doesn't get cut off. Mark would cut me if that happened!

Happy or Moody most of the time: No more moody than "normal", lol. Mark and I have been both very proud about how I handled this week going back to school and stuff. He told people I "shine like diamond in sky" this week! (his nail salon voice) lol

Milestones: WE have now started the two week check-ups. We go back this Thursday and we WILL have an official date set for a c-section. We have made the decision early on now to have a c-section and it was a long discussion with our doctor about it. We all just feel it is what is best (mainly for me), given my condition during the pregnancy with too much pressure on my uterus and all of the swelling. Basically, it will help prevent only being able to have one child, because yes, that has been a worry of our doctor's with how much pressure has been put on me down there. This decision is totally fine with me. I'm a planner. I love things planned and do not like to be caught off guard. If it were to happen to me like it does in the movies, (water breaks and people go running around like chickens with their heads cut off) I would freak out!

Weekly Baby Purchase: Not sure if this is really a fun baby purchase, but I ordered some Dropps Laundry detergent. I got some regular kind for our clothes and some of the baby kind for his clothes. I haven't tried them yet, but they look like fun!

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  1. Hang in there! Glad your week back went well.