Sunday, September 19

T-Shirt Fans, here you go...

Of course, after last  night's football game, my husband was on the phone with me and asked what I thought of the game. My first response was, "Well, I'm not surprised, both teams kind of played like crap in my opinion, I'm just more annoyed to look at all of the statuses and wall comments on Facebook right now." No, I'm not annoyed by the actual University of Texas alumni fun-loving banter with the Red Raiders, it's of course, those "t-shirt fans" we all hate. My thoughts went back to my friend, Kathleen's (an actual alumni from the University of Texas) blog post a while back. Read it here! She addresses the issue perfectly. Please don't think I care to hear your opinion until after you read her post.

So, you want to make the ignorant comments about "Who cares, if I went to school there?", go ahead. We are just cheering for the team we sat next to in class, partied with at the bars, had as actual friends, etc., and do not care to waste our time arguing with some football fan. I do appreciate having a following of family and friends to cheer on my school because they love me and they love the school I graduated from.

Bottom line: Cheer for whichever football team you want to, but please, do not put-down the college I received a fabulous education from. I will cheer for my school whether they are winning a football game, or not.

Friday, September 17

School Baby Shower

I was given a sweet baby shower by my co-workers at school. It's funny because I have always known how our school goes above and beyond for each other when someone is having a baby, getting married, sick, or experiencing a loss, but I have never really thought about it until it was all for me. It's just so wonderful to work at a place like my school. We are really lucky.

Georgia made the yummy (really, it was!!) cake all by herself and the rest of the fourth grade teachers helped by decorating, bringing refreshments, and making it great!

34 weeks

hostess gifts (monogrammed lunch bags)

us with Georgia and her cake

Sunday, September 12

Baby Shower

I was very excited about my baby shower this past weekend! I had to explain the importance of it to Mark by telling him that after the wedding day, every girl dreams about how their baby shower will be, at least I always did! I also had to explain that it should be a big red flag to wear something somewhat nice if he sees me walking around the house with hot rollers in my hair!

We had a great turn out of family and friends and are so blessed! We are so excited and thankful for the sweet shower that our sister-in-laws and our second mom, Kristi, threw for us!! The decorations were super cute and there was tons of food for everyone! They spoiled us and went totally overboard! I gave the hostesses monogrammed umbrellas, with a card that read "Thank you for showering us with love! Love, Kari, Mark, and Dylan" (pictured below).

Here are just a few of the pictures from the shower. At one point, we had an awkward moment when we opened an all pink (clearly for a baby girl) gift. The room got silent and we were panicking to find a card and how to react as we were opening it. Turns out, it was a gift that was accidentally brought into the room and was intended for someone else! haha! 

Our Weekend

This past week I felt like I was just trying to get through the days because I was looking forward to the weekend so much! My Mom, Dad, and Sister were coming in town for my baby shower! It was also my Mom's birthday this weekend. Before they came, I attempted to make my mom a coffee cake for her birthday. I tried to come up with something different to make, but it isn't easy since she is lactose intolerant! I had to substitute some ingredients, not to mention I have never made one of these before anyway, and I was scared it would turn out bad, but it was very good! I was impressed with myself, haha!

I was more impressed, and so was everyone else, that we were all able to wake up Saturday morning at daybreak to go watch the "Balloon Round-up". When we got there, we were surprised that everyone was allowed to get up-close to the hot air balloons, but we were disappointed quickly because they gave up due to the wind conditions and had to pack the rest of the balloons up!

Since we woke up so early, we decided to go try a local breakfast place, Appletree Bakery, to eat. They had huge cinnamon rolls and it was good! It was even better listening to all of the elderly people discussing doctor's appointments and such. Then, we went home to rest up and get ready for my baby shower!! :)

Sunday, September 5

Week 32

 It's Game Day! Wreck 'Em Tech!!

Week: 32

Total weight gain/loss: 16 pounds?? Yep! I LOST weight!! We went to the doctor on Thursday and I had lost 2lbs. from two weeks beforehand! Not sure why... I guess being more "active" and up on my feet all day teaching. Maybe.

Sleep: I've been sleeping alright, I think I caught a stuffy nose from the snotty nose kids at school, so Benadryl has been awesome to go to sleep with this past week!

Best moment this week: Setting a date!! October 13th, 2010, Dylan will be here!

Movement: Just like normal... always moving and doing flip flops!

Food cravings: Fruit, chocolate, orange cream sodas (still), Arby's fries (even though I puked them up a few weeks ago, I still crave them! So weird!)

Anything make you queasy or sick? Not really

Have you started to show yet?: Yes, I seem to be getting into just more of a "belly" these days and not as puffy everywhere else. The doctor got a little upset this week, because I pointed out some veins on the backs of my legs. She thought that maybe they were jst stretch marks, but after looking, it was varicose veins popping up. They came up after the first few days of school and I know it is because I have been on my feet and up and down too much. Everyone says to put my feet up and sit a lot, but ther eis only so much you can do teaching while sitting down. I also don't like being the "poor me" girl and asking people to do things for me. Anyway, she told me the only thing that might help is wearing support hose,  but really, I told her to GET REAL, because the kids in my room are shivering and I am sweating! There is NO WAY I could make it through the day in hose, or even full length pants right now!

Leakage: Yep

Labor signs: Nope

Belly button In or Out: Stillllll innnn

Wedding ring On or Off: I took it off (just being cautious)

Happy or Moody most of the time: Considering all that I have been doing lately and all of the stress, I have been a trooper.

Weekly Baby Purchase:

Baby Burberry socks

I ordered two little model Hot Air Balloons to hand in his room. I am still trying to find a way to get the ball part of the balloon out of the netting, because I want to paint the stripes the Silver Sage color of  his room. Hopefully they will turn out cute if I can figure it out and get it done.