Sunday, September 12

Baby Shower

I was very excited about my baby shower this past weekend! I had to explain the importance of it to Mark by telling him that after the wedding day, every girl dreams about how their baby shower will be, at least I always did! I also had to explain that it should be a big red flag to wear something somewhat nice if he sees me walking around the house with hot rollers in my hair!

We had a great turn out of family and friends and are so blessed! We are so excited and thankful for the sweet shower that our sister-in-laws and our second mom, Kristi, threw for us!! The decorations were super cute and there was tons of food for everyone! They spoiled us and went totally overboard! I gave the hostesses monogrammed umbrellas, with a card that read "Thank you for showering us with love! Love, Kari, Mark, and Dylan" (pictured below).

Here are just a few of the pictures from the shower. At one point, we had an awkward moment when we opened an all pink (clearly for a baby girl) gift. The room got silent and we were panicking to find a card and how to react as we were opening it. Turns out, it was a gift that was accidentally brought into the room and was intended for someone else! haha! 

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  1. looks like fun and the food looks yummy too! and you look beautiful as well kari!