Sunday, September 12

Our Weekend

This past week I felt like I was just trying to get through the days because I was looking forward to the weekend so much! My Mom, Dad, and Sister were coming in town for my baby shower! It was also my Mom's birthday this weekend. Before they came, I attempted to make my mom a coffee cake for her birthday. I tried to come up with something different to make, but it isn't easy since she is lactose intolerant! I had to substitute some ingredients, not to mention I have never made one of these before anyway, and I was scared it would turn out bad, but it was very good! I was impressed with myself, haha!

I was more impressed, and so was everyone else, that we were all able to wake up Saturday morning at daybreak to go watch the "Balloon Round-up". When we got there, we were surprised that everyone was allowed to get up-close to the hot air balloons, but we were disappointed quickly because they gave up due to the wind conditions and had to pack the rest of the balloons up!

Since we woke up so early, we decided to go try a local breakfast place, Appletree Bakery, to eat. They had huge cinnamon rolls and it was good! It was even better listening to all of the elderly people discussing doctor's appointments and such. Then, we went home to rest up and get ready for my baby shower!! :)

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