Sunday, September 19

T-Shirt Fans, here you go...

Of course, after last  night's football game, my husband was on the phone with me and asked what I thought of the game. My first response was, "Well, I'm not surprised, both teams kind of played like crap in my opinion, I'm just more annoyed to look at all of the statuses and wall comments on Facebook right now." No, I'm not annoyed by the actual University of Texas alumni fun-loving banter with the Red Raiders, it's of course, those "t-shirt fans" we all hate. My thoughts went back to my friend, Kathleen's (an actual alumni from the University of Texas) blog post a while back. Read it here! She addresses the issue perfectly. Please don't think I care to hear your opinion until after you read her post.

So, you want to make the ignorant comments about "Who cares, if I went to school there?", go ahead. We are just cheering for the team we sat next to in class, partied with at the bars, had as actual friends, etc., and do not care to waste our time arguing with some football fan. I do appreciate having a following of family and friends to cheer on my school because they love me and they love the school I graduated from.

Bottom line: Cheer for whichever football team you want to, but please, do not put-down the college I received a fabulous education from. I will cheer for my school whether they are winning a football game, or not.

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