Tuesday, October 26

1 Week update

Now that it has been almost 2 weeks since Dylan was born, I guess I should update everyone on our first week at home. It has been quite the experience. I am slowly adding to this post day by day because I haven't had time to sit down and fully write it.

Dylan was the perfect sweet little baby that slept all day and never cried at the hospital. The nurses kept making sly remarks saying, "Yeah, well wait 'til you get home..." O.K., they were right.

 Daddy's lil' rocker
 1 weeks worth of dirty diapers!
 Hangin' out in his Mamaroo

Since coming home, Dylan developed horrible horrible gas pains where he just has blood curdling screaming fits. We can actually feel the gas moving through his back all of the time. I am not sure how to prevent it, and yes, I have called the pediatrician. They recommended we stick to the Mylicon drops before and after each time he eats and try to wait it out. We have his two week check up coming up this Thursday and I am anxious to see what they say this time, because we have had a lot of changes since his 1 week check up at the doctor where he was still the perfect, no problems, sweet, little (well, not little... he gained all of his birth weight back and then some! up to 7 lbs. and 10 oz. this time), breastfed (I included this characteristic and you will see why the more you read) baby. It was the day after his appointment where all of the trouble seemed to start happening. Many have relayed it to my diet and made sure I wasn't eating anything that could gas for him such as dairy products, chocolate, acidy foods and drinks like orange juice, strawberries (who knew!), eggs (who knew, again!), etc. The list can go on and you can read of so many food to try and avoid while breastfeeding online like I did. It left everyone and myself wondering what I could actually eat! It's so much more to avoid and worse than when you're pregnant! I didn't have much of a problem paying attention to what I was eating because I was hardly eating at all. I was feeling so exhausted the entire time I didn't even feel like eating. Apparently, this is odd. I guess you should be extrememly hungry from breastfeeding and what not, but I didn't know this. This leads into how the 1st week home has been for me...

Aside from Dylan's horrible gas pains/colic or whatever all of it is, we have had quite the number of issues show up with me since being home. I mentioned not having an appetite, well that was just one symptom of what I was am experiencing. My mom came and spent the entire week with us and there were several times that she would relieve me from Dylan's fussing and let me sleep. It led to many times of me sleeping for several hours and then feeling as though I could not even get myself out of bed, even with the more rest I was getting. We kept thinking it was still my body adjusting to the sleepless nights. On Saturday, I began feeling extremely achy. I could barely move my arms without being in pain and my back was killing me. I felt like I had the flu. That evening, we noticed, I still did not want to eat anything and when I started chilling, we took my temperature, which was 100. I began uncontrollably shaking and in a lot of pain. My mom finally convinced me to call the doctor. When we got the call back, the nurse asked me if I was feeling in pain in my breasts. Sure enough, I was. I didn't even think about it, but it was almost unbearable to even touch my right one. I was in a lot of pain while breastfeeding and pumping, as well. She explained that all of the symptoms led her to believe I have Mastitis.

I was placed on antibiotics and have been trying all of the "tricks" to try and get rid of the infection. We have found it to be more stressful, with me having to wake up every 2-3 hours to feed him (in horrible pain while doing it) and then pump right afterwards (in pain while doing it, too.)

I had to make a hard first Mommy decision today and have decided to stop breastfeeding. We have started Dylan on formula today and I am trying to get more rest (yea right!) I called and spoke to the OB and his Pediatrician about all of this and they were very supportive, (while I was crying to both of them on the phone). This was not the decision I ever wanted to make. I wanted to breastfeed my baby. To be honest, I feel like a complete failure and I'm even crying as I type this. I have always thought that if someone else can do it, so can I. I am still very upset and sad about this change, but hope that it will bring a little peace and hopefully, I will see that I made the right decision for Dylan and myself. I now have to continue taking my antibiotics and hope that I start to feel like normal again, as I have been justing making the entire situation worse by not having any rest. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers during this hard life transition, as we are feeling we need all of the help we can get and all I keep thinking is - I want my Mommy!


  1. Oh kari! Sorry to hear the first weeks have been so rough! Whatever is best for you and dylan is the best decision you could make. I don't have any words of wisdom for ya as I am learning through everyone else as well but keep your chin up, we will be thinking about ya!

  2. I know it may not feel like it but it sounds like you are doing great. It takes time to learn your child and I have three of them and I'm still learning how to be a good mom. I bet your doing wonderfully and keep your head up being a mom is the hardest job hands down. (and we wonder why our moms say we will pay for our raising lol). I will be praying for you and Mark. Just remember that you can do it even when you think you can't. :)
    Crysal Latham

  3. Maybe, instead of him preparing for his rockstar status....he's really just preparing to say "hook 'em"! Haha


  4. Aww Kari! I went through this same thing when Ethan was born. Email me anytime you need some advice or to vent. I felt guilty forever but, looking at Ethan now, you would never know if he was formula fed or breastfed. Hang in there.