Monday, October 18

BIRTH day!

I was only able to sleep about an hour and a half the night before the big day. I was so anxious and did not know what to expect. We woke up around 4 A.M. since we needed to arrive at the hospital between 5 and 5:30.

Once we got to the hospital, they wasted no time getting me prepared for surgery. Everything went so fast I didn't have time to even think about what was about to happen. Mark and I were able to take one last preggo picture before I had to change into my hospital gown with my special occasion shirt that says "It's A Boy!"

As soon as I was all changed, they came in and immediately got my IV going (not knowing this then, but this was the most painful part) I am not an "easy stick" when it comes to getting blood drawn, etc., so this was quite the task and extremely painful. After signing my life away, they brought the wheelchair in the room and we were off to surgery. Time was flying by.

They wheeled me into the entryway to the OR and as I was sitting there with Mark, a rush of emotions I could not control came over me. I have no way of describing my feelings at this moment and began crying uncontrollably. They has the anesthesiologist come over to us and begin explaining everything that was going to take place. I know he was talking, but I heard nothing coming out of his mouth. My doctor came over and saw the shape I was in. I remember her telling me that I was having a panic attack (I have never had one of these, but I believe this must have been it)

The most difficult part was when they had to take me back to get my spinal anesthetic and leave Mark waiting outside. Everyone tried to prepare me several times about how the spinal would feel and how to arch my back and not move under and circumstances. Turns out, the tiny burn and prick in my back was NOTHING compared to the IV getting put in my arm! I actually kept thinking that the real pain and needle must be coming soon, even as they were lifting my tingling legs on to the hospital bed. Next thing I knew, I was so incredibly sleepy. I could not feel anything, but most of all, I could barely stay awake. I was actually getting concerned that I would not be able to stay awake enough to see the birth. I remember hearing them speak to several nurses in the room that must have been students and allowing one of them to come over and "practice" putting my catheter in - nice.  

The big cloth went up in front of my face and I remember barely being able to whisper that I was feeling sick. Turns out, I was getting sick and began vomiting. Finally, Mark appeared to my side and ended up having to hold my "barf bag", lol! He didn't even know what it was or what he was holding until I started throwing up everywhere and he had it in his hands, lol.

Neither one of us knew they had even started the procedure and within a matter of seconds, I heard them telling me that I would feel a lot of pressure and, sure enough, I did. It felt as if someone was pushing their body and banging me against a brick wall. At times, I felt like I couldn't breathe, but just kept my eyes on Mark. He held my hand really tight and stayed looking at me. All of a sudden, I heard Dylan cry and Mark was rushed off to the side to start helping tidy him up.

Dylan Michael Rhoads
Born October 13, 2010
7:54 A.M.
7lbs. 6oz.
20 in. long

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