Friday, October 1

Catch-Up: 36 weeks

No, this isn't a picture from the side because I wanted to show off my cute Future Red Raider Coming Soon... shirt. It has taken a very LONG time to finally get this shirt due to copyright issues and such, but hey look at me! I got it! With a Double T on it! Go me!
...and Go Red Raiders!

Week: 36

Total weight gain/loss: So much for losing weight.. I keep gaining again. He just keeps getting bigger! I normally am shy to say how much I weigh, but who care now, right? I weighed in at a whopping 161 lbs. this past week! Holy moly!

Sleep: I'm having a difficult time sleeping lately. It seems that I am very tired, but just very achy feeling. I end up having to get up about an hour after trying to go to bed to get myself some Tylenol and that helps me fall asleep. Only problem is that I seem to need Tylenol as soon as I wake up, too, because I am so achy then, too.

Best moment this week: Not sure if I have had a "best moment". I am just READY. You wouldn't believe how many times I have been told that no one expected me to make it this long and still working, but I think I am the one in the most shock about it. I keep having the school nurse take my blood pressure, hoping it is high (I know, that is so wrong), but I am so uncomfortable. This week I literally was trying to figure out a way to describe how it feels when I walk and then it came to me! It feels like I am trying to walk through water in a swimming pool. You know, it is kind of hard to do and that is exactly how it feels. Of course, my blood pressure has been perfect this entire pregnancy. I do seem to have a LOT of swelling now. You can actually push your thumb on my leg and it leaves an indentation. Pretty gross. 

Movement: He seems to be in a routine that I am now noticing of when he likes to bounce around a lot. He really gets going every time that I am leaving for school in the morning and it kind of hurts when I drive. It may be how I sit in the car, but I sure can feel everything!

Food cravings: I really haven't been craving much of anything lately. I seem to be very thirsty a lot of the time and when you just keep drinking water, it starts to taste pretty blah. So, I have been making tons of big pitchers full of Crystal Light.

Anything make you queasy or sick? Nope. I was even a champ when one of the little sweeties in my class threw up all over the place in my classroom the other day. Go me. lol

Have you started to show yet?: Bahaha! People keep teasing me that they can't imagine there is any room left for this baby to go! I've also had lots of teasing that I am stretching out a lot of my clothing! Nice.

Leakage: Like a champ!

Labor signs: Not sure... I have had a lot of back pain and stuff, but I have had that from the beginning, so it's hard to say.

Belly button In or Out: Still in.... can you believe it?? It is stretched out, but still IN! :)

Wedding ring On or Off: I have it off, just as a precaution.

Happy or Moody most of the time: I have my random break-downs still, but nothing too terrible. I have realized that most of my moodiness comes from feeling alone. It is difficult to put so much pressure on Mark right now to help me when I am feeling sick, do work on the house, help me clean, get things ready around here, etc., etc., etc., but he is really all that I have to depend on. My family and friends mostly live in Dallas, so they can't be here to help pick up the pieces and it is difficult. I also start to get anxiety when I start thinking about how I will feel the same way and not know what I am doing when Dylan is here. My parents will not be able to stay with me for very long because they still work and have jobs to get to. Mark has now started stripping cotton and I am dreading him being gone for even longer hours than he already is. I am trying to tell myself to just take it one day at a time, but I am a worry-wart, like I always have been.

Countdown: 12 days...

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