Sunday, October 10

Dylan's Room: Take Two

Have I mentioned that this room is my favorite room? I actually wonder if it is because it has come together so nicely, or if it is because I just love everything baby! I have been waiting to post new pictures of the nursery until I had the wonderful crib my Dad is (supposedly) making arrive, but since it looks like my baby will be sleeping on the floor, here are the pictures thus far...

I blogged a few weeks ago about buying these adorable hot air balloons for his room, but since I am OCD and do not like anything in another color that does not MATCH the colors of his room, I had to figure out a way to repaint them. I did! I did it! It wasn't easy. I had to cut the netting at the top apart, paint one stripe at a time, and then sew it all back together at the top. I am so proud of myself and how they turned out!

Not only am I proud of my little hot air balloon painting skills, I decided that instead of paying $40 a frame (that's on sale, folks!) from RH Baby & Child, I could make frames to look the exact same. I did. I bought three plain white frames and then got a little can of RH Baby & Child's sample paint and painted the stripes on to the frames. They turned out good!

Can everyone please take a moment and look at the picture above. Folded on the mattress, you will see the matrress pad and the little polka dotted fitted crib sheet. I watched the Oprah episode last week with Martha Stewart on it and she went over the steps on how to fold a fitted sheet. I had to rewind and replay that part of the show at least 18 times, but I was finally able to fold this little fitted sheet. I got so excited, I went and grabbed the big King size sheet from our bedroom that was all wadded up (my attempt to fold it) and tried it again! No such luck. I guess it was a one time thing and I would like everyone to see how perfect that little sheet looks!

 I am looking for something to store all of the sweet baby blankets we have received. I just can't fathom spending over $100 on the matching basket that goes with the room. Any suggestions? The blankets are nicely folded sitting on the floor next to the rocking chair.

We are still waiting on some adorable baskets (matching the colors of the room, of course) that the diapers will be stored in and all of the toys on the little shelf below the hot air balloons will have matching polka dotted baskets to hide them, as well. Mark is going to repaint the little rocking horse because it sticks out like a sore thumb and what else is missing...?? Oh yes..... a crib????

We have also had major projects occurring on the outside of our home for the past month. I will post those pictures soon!

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