Sunday, October 10

No longer a Rockstar

Throughout my pregnancy I had several suggestions to get "Rockstar" paint done on my toes, since I was having a hard time reaching my feet and painting my toes. Apparently, the paint stays on for WEEKS and I wouldn't have to worry about it peeling, chipping, or fading. I went ahead and splurged and paid the $55 bucks to have these Vietnamese people do this to my feet (it was basically colored fill from fake nails put on my toes) and I got pretty worried what I was in for when they had to get out their little sanders and stuff. Well, it looked good. It did, in fact, last for weeks! Only problem: What do you do when your nail starts growing out? Luckily, my nails don't grow too fast, but these past two weeks, they were looking down right ugly. I had to do something. Apparently, you can go and get them "filled" like fake nails, but you have to go to the exact same place and you have to keep the same color. I like changing colors. A lot. So, yesterday, Mark and I decided to go and get them re-done. I hate going to nail places. I think it hurts. I don't like the sanders they use or the clippers; the list could go on. I was trying to be brave, but it HURT! I kept saying "ow!" and then, of course, they would all look and start talking their language to each other. Then, I would have some of them come by and look at my feet, say something to the guy doing my nails, and then walk away. This went on for quite a while. I am not sure if I was getting overheated, or just upset at the situation, but I had to ask for water and then excuse myself to the restroom to splash water all over my face and lay down for like 20 minutes. Not sure what happened, but I think I had them all worried. I finally told the guy, five times (like he couldn't understand me) to just get the stuff off of my feet and then put regular polish on, because I don't think I can handle being a rockstar anymore! He agreed. When I went to pick polish, I had a flashback of one of the blogs I read. Some of you might actually follow Megan's blog, too, but she did a post on Teal Toes. She just gave birth to a baby boy, Cohen, this summer and unfortuneately, they lost him due to a rare heart condition. The blog is wonderful, yet very depressing for me to read most of the time. I found myself just sitting and crying while reading a lot of her posts this summer.

Teal Toes aims to spread the word about ovarian cancer awareness. Here is the site.

Needless to say, I chose the color teal for my toes. I'm not a rockstar anymore, either. If you were thinking about becoming a rockstar, I hope this blog helped you., or maybe, it just helped you chose the next color for your toes! If you love having fake nails and don't mind keeping the same color, I'd say they are great. I'm just not meant for that lifestyle, lol.

My teal toes...
This little lady got in the picture because she will not leave my side these days.

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  1. You ARE a Rockstar! Thanks for the shout-out!

    I had never really worn polish until I was pregnant (I made my husband give me pedicures). Now, I can't believe what an expert running Teal Toes has made me!