Wednesday, November 10

1 month

I have grown a whole lot in 1 month! I drink lots of milk! Mommy says I drink 4 oz. each time she gives me a bottle. My tummy pains from gas have gone away, but I still get some aches, but not as bad as it was! Mommy says that it is probably from switching my formula to Soy formula. I am staying awake for longer periods of time and sometimes too long and I get cranky. I want someone to hold me all of the time! I like being held! I think Mommy needs to buy one of those slings or Baby Bjorn's because I am getting so heavy, I hurt her back! I also like car rides. Sometimes I get scared at first and cry, but then the car puts me right to sleep! I have gotten better at being held on someone's shoulder and I like to raise my head up and look around, but my favorite time is when Daddy comes home to hold me. He makes me so warm and I fall straight to sleep!


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  1. Kristen Thomas10 November, 2010

    I told you to overnight him to me!!! I want to hold him, NOW!!!