Sunday, November 21

almost 6 weeks

We had a big breakthrough about a week ago - Dylan would sit in his bouncer!!! It was hard at first. He would scream and cry and I would have to pick him up, comfort him, then put him back in it. Now he loves it! He takes naps in it during the day all of the time! It has really helped me, too, because before I would have to hold him or carry him absolutely all day. Don't get me wrong, he still gets held and carried around quite a bit. I had to do the same thing with his new Baby Bjorn carrier. He would cry the first couple of days in it and I would only make him stay in it for a couple of minutes. Yesterday and today, he got in it and instantly fell asleep!

He also started cooing about a week ago! I love hearing him do it. I can't wait until he starts laughing! I try to get him to do it by blowing on his tummy at diaper change time, but still no giggles yet, just big eyes.

I had an amazing transformation in how I have been feeling, as well. Those pills were a lifesaver! Mark said he noticed a difference within the first day of me taking them! I feel like myself again. The both of us are still exhausted because Dylan still only sleeps for about two hours between feedings. There are fluke times that he will go for almost 5 hours and we get our hopes up, but it never happens at night time. Hopefully he will start going for longer periods of sleep time soon since he is already eating 5 oz. in each bottle! Chunky Monkey!


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  1. so glad to hear you are feeling better these days and that dylan is making such good progress, can't believe it has already been 6 weeks! ahh!