Monday, November 1


We had a good weekend with Nonnie and Duke (we are still trying to come up with a nickname for my Dad instead of Grandpa and Mark started googling names for them and came up with Duke. We think it is funny and keep using it!)  We were able to make a very very quick trip to the corn maize to snap some fall photos together, then went to dinner at Rosa's. This was Dylan's first time to go to a restaurant. He did amazing until about 15 minutes into it and started throwing a fit. We grabbed all of our stuff and had to go since we didn't want to be those people with a crying baby!

On Sunday, Halloween, we were able to dress Dylan up for a little while that evening to go say 'hi' to his Mimi and Papaw. They gave him a cute little Cloud B Giraffe that plays music like his Lamb does.

 I was excited to put him in little legwarmers! I think they look cute!
 Daddy reading Dylan his Halloween book he got
 Sitting with his Halloween pumpkin
(I got him a Halloween book, new bottles, and a Baby Einstein CD)
 Mommy and Dylan dressed up as a giraffe
 Ready to go trick-or-treating at Mimi & Papaw's

Since some people seem to not care about how I'm doing and would rather hear about Dylan, here what he has been up to:

- he sleeps about every 3 hours and then wakes up right on the dot to eat. We use one of those ItzBeen timers. We depend on it like crazy and love it so much! I am going to make a post over the things we absoluelty love and use all of the time since he has been born and this will be at the top of the list!!

- he has had less gas pains since switching to formula, but we still have some
- this week, he has started to stay awake longer. We think he is turning into one of those kids that likes to fight going to sleep, because he will be rocked and then he keeps jumping to open his eyes. The past couple of days, he has been stretching it and staying awake for almost an hour fussing until he finally gives up and goes to sleep. (yep, that means my sleep has been cut even shorter)
- He still has crying fits and just screams and screams for hours it seems like. The only thing that we have found to instantly calm him is the running water from the kitchen sink. He will fall asleep after you hold him by it, but then seems to wake back up after 10 minutes or so. We try to set all of his little musical sleepy animals in his crib to the running water sound. I'm not sure if it works, but we try.

*On a side note, I apologize to those of you that read my blog and do not like if I come across negative. I try very hard to be honest and write about how things in my life are truly affecting me. I do love my baby, I am thankful for him, he is precious, and would not trade him for anything. I only write about difficult times I am having to maybe benefit someone else that may be going through the same thing, or might experience it at some point.


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  1. I will be the first to say that I LOVE your honesty. plain and simple. even if some may think it is harsh or comes across negative, it is the truth and as a soon to be momma I am in search of all those things that are good and bad of being a mom for the first time. SOOO, keep the stories, advice, thoughts...whatever's benefiting me :)

    And not many people are willing to be as honest as you so I know more than those who may post on here are also benefiting.