Tuesday, December 7

100 Things You Might Not Know about Me...

I was looking at my myspace page the other day (does anyone still use myspace?! not me.) Anyway, I had this questionnaire sent to me and I never got around to finishing it, so I thought I would now...

100 Things You Might Not Know About Me:

1. I have naturally curly hair
2. I was proposed to at Cinderella Castle in Walt Disney World
3. I am double-jointed (only in my fingers)
4. I have really bad eyesight
5. I make Birthday and Christmas Lists every year, with pictures.
6. I have a hard time swallowing pills
7. I was a drum major in high school
8. I'm a good artist
9. I'm really short - 4'11''
10. I tell my mom everything
11. I can't tread water
12. I respond to the name "Herman" - yup, after Pee Wee
13. I only wash my hair once a week
14. I really like to vacuum
15. Every pillow on my couch has a special place
16. I hang almost all of my clothing to dry on a rack
17. My husband and I have matching tattoos that I designed
18. I will not use matches, a lighter, or outdoor grill - I'm terrified of fire.
19. I hate birds
20. I'm a picky eater
21. I almost never pay full price for something
22. I collect Disney snow globes
23. I have always had a best friend named Angela
24. I am a boy band fanatic
25. I was born in Iowa
26. I don't like painted fingernails, only toes.
27. My favorite movie is The Little Mermaid
28. I am a night person
29. Everything is a competition to me
30. Turquoise is my favorite color
31. I'm scared of fish
32. I don't drink beer
33. Chlorine is my favorite smell
34. My honeymoon was the Disney Cruise to the Bahamas
35. I love corn dogs from the race track
36. I love Jeff Gordon
37. I'm a big "fan" of a lot of things
38. I'm a Red Raider
39. I've never tried smoking or any drugs
40. My first drink was in college
41. I listen to rap music really loud in the car
42. I set the clock in my bedroom 15 minutes fast
43. I'm obsessed with Pottery Barn
44. I'm a very honest person
45. I'm allergic to raspberries
46. I'm obsessed with Silver Sage paint color
47. I'm horrible at playing any sports that involve a ball
48. I consider myself a Texan
49. My license plate is my nickname
50. I love Google
51. My husband can fix anything
52. I like everything monogrammed
53. I love Mac's now and will never get a PC again
54. I hate how long it takes to curl my eyelashes, so I usually don't
55. I hardly ever wear make-up on weekends
56. I don't like coffee, but have learned to like the smell of it
57. Tulips are my favorite flowers
58. It bothers me that my ears stick out
59. It drives me crazy when people use incorrect grammar
60. I can't stand it when people leave Christmas lights up year-round
61. I don't like sweet tea
62. My cat sleeps with me every night
63. I am a light sleeper
64. I have to eat breakfast every morning
65. I held my best friend, Mitts (my cat), in my arms when he was put to sleep
66. I think all politicians are liars
67. I'm really good at Wheel of Fortune
68. I want to learn to sew
69. I don't know how to whistle or snap
70. I have no wrinkles...yet.
71. I worked at bar throughout college and met lots of amazing people
72. I have a great memory
73. I never wear lipstick
74. I miss Keebler Pizzeria chips
75. I wore horribly thick glasses in elementary school
76. My birthday is on the 11th, husband's on the 12th, baby boy's on the 13th
77. I do not enjoy traditional Thanksgiving dinner
78. I can make a meal out of just eating chips and queso
79. I took 3 years of French in high school and only remember how to say 'Hello' and 'my name is'
80. Mark's nickname for me is Cupcake
81. I put sweats on everyday as soon as I get home
82. I love chocolate donuts with round sprinkles
83. I think the Kennedy's are a fascinating family
84. I love children
85. I can't watch the commercials with hurt animals
86. I get upset stomach when I get nervous
87. Driving in the rain scares me
88. I wash dishes before they go in the dishwasher
89. I hated playing video games until the Wii was invented
90. I can't leave Target without checking all of the clearance spots
91. I let dogs kiss me on the lips
92. I love anything Burberry
93. I think Walt Disney World is magical
94. I bite my nails when I am bored or deep in thought
95. I'm very sarcastic
96. I love any kind of shopping
97. I love quoting movies and T.V. shows
98. I watch The Little Mermaid when I feel sick
99. I prefer painting my own toenails
100. I love my kids - Dylan, Hurley, and Chiko more than anything!!!

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  1. i feel like we are best friends now. haha, just kidding. I love questionaires like this though...they are fun. I may have to steal it and put it up on my blog.