Wednesday, December 15

2 months old!

Dylan is now 2 months old (well, he was on Monday)! He still has his little fits about every other night. He still loves the water running from the kitchen sink and it is still the only thing that calms him down immediately. He makes sure that I get my daily workout in several times a day because now he makes us do lunges to keep him happy in our arms. Mark and I have to trade off (when he is here) about every 5 minutes to cool down and wipe the sweat from our faces. Who needs a treadmill when I get this kind of workout?! He has started to stay awake a smile in response to my smile and lovvvves getting kisses from Mommy. It is neat to watch him turn his head towards Mark when he hears him come in the room and say something. I want him to start laughing soo badly! I can't wait to hear this lil' monkey giggle!


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