Thursday, December 9

Christmas Cards

I have been debating on sending Christmas cards this year. We have always done it in the past and last year we had a super cute photo card we sent that we were able to take of us with our pets. I remember people that told us they just knew that next year they would be seeing us with a little baby in our arms for our cards, instead of holding the dog and cat. Well, they were right, except that I am so overwhelmed and it is rare for me to get out of my pj's these days while taking care of this little monkey! To be honest, we just spent a small fortune on Dylan's newborn photos and birth announcements, so I was going to try and cut back by not spending on Christmas cards. Then I saw this wonderful promotion from Shutterfly for bloggers! They are offering 50 free Christmas cards to bloggers this year! Now I don't really have a reason to not send them. Hopefully, you will all be getting a little joy in the mail this holiday now! :)

Do you have a blog? You have until tomorrow to enter and get your free Christmas cards from Shutterfly! They have super cute holiday cards that you can even have photos printed on the inside! Now that puts those long postcard prints to shame!


  1. I love dylan's photo's he is soooooo cute! and you and mark look great as well :) I am sure they were expensive, dang photographers will take ya for all your worth!

  2. Kristen Thomas15 December, 2010

    Too bad I found out about this now...I spent $78 on ours!! Arrgg!