Thursday, December 30


We had a good Christmas at Nonnie & Duke's! We were a bit worried about traveling in the car for the first time, but he did very well and slept almost the entire time! We only had to make one stop to have a bottle and then we were back on the road! We were also worried about going somewhere for so many days without all of our stuff, but once again, he adapted very well and even liked sleeping in a different crib. It really helped having two extra people around to switch off holding, dancing, and doing squats with him. He enjoyed shopping, going out to eat, making a trip to see Santa the second time to make sure he would follow us to Dallas, seeing Aunt Angela, Ryan, Leigh, and Daniel, and meeting his girlfriend, Skylar, for the first time. He was upset that his Aunt Kristen wasn't there, but will get to see her in a few weeks.
 Taking Dylan to see Santa, again, at the Bass Pro Shop. We had to prove to him that Santa would come to Dallas for him, too. :)
 Hanging out with Daniel, Daddy, and brown bear

Santa and all of Dylan's family and new friends spoiled him rotten this holiday! It was so much fun having a little one around during Christmas time, but I can't wait for next year already when he will start to understand a little bit more what is going on!

Dylan in his reindeer outfit
Dylan and Duke
Dylan thinkin' about home, hence his little 'guns up' pose
Dylan and Nonnie opening a present (and brother Hurley's tail)
Hurley checking out Dylan's present - a nap nanny
Dylan and Nonnie watching
Hurley watching Dylan test out his new nap nanny
Surrounded by a lot of presents

Daddy and Dylan watching us open presents
Listening to his new Kid Hip name CD - He loovves this CD, especially the Raspberry Spray & Monkey Counts to 20 songs!
Yeah, that's us. We had to rent a Uhaul to pack all of our stuff to go back home in!

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