Thursday, December 30

Monkey milestones

The week of Christmas was full of a few little milestones for Dylan. We aren't sure if it is due to taking him more places, such as shopping and to restaurants, but he began sleeping through the night. It hasn't been consistently every night yet, but it has occurred very frequently and it is soo nice!

What's up with this? At 5:30 the other night morning, I woke up to check on him and he was upside down in his crib asleep! I mean, completely turned from head to toe around. I knew Mark wouldn't believe me, so I had to wake him up to see for himself and he just looked at me stunned and said, "How did he turn around?" I looked at him with a puzzled look on my face. Several people have told us that this is the beginning of him to start rolling over, which I think is pretty advanced for his age (my baby genius!, lol) But, really, it scared me and he is no longer able to sleep with blankets in his crib!

Monkey lost his mittens! I started taking Dylan's mittens off of his hands and he has now discovered his fingers! He even did this...

He hasn't held his bottle completely by himself again, but tries to wrap his hands around it more and more. He is so smart!

I'm not too thrilled about this one, but he has fallen in love with the T.V. now. Everyday he likes to watch cartoons and when I try to turn him away he just stretches his neck even further to find the T.V. What a couch potato!

Oh, and how could I forget this cuteness?! Dylan had his first date!! He met his girlfriend, Skylar, for the first time. He loved her and smiles when people say her name to him.


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