Wednesday, December 15

Rhoads Family Christmas

Yes, we had Christmas THAT early. December 10th to be exact. Dylan, as well as the other kiddos, was spoiled as usual. Mimi gave him lots of books, clothes, socks, a bathtub thermometer, a Baby Einstein toy, and much more! Mimi tried to take her annual Christmas card picture of all of the children next to the tree and well, this is how it turned out:

As you can see, it turned out well, haha. Maybe Mimi got better shots than my photographer (Mark)

The highlight of the night for me was watching Ransom sneak icing on his finger from the cake on the table several times, hearing Kati spell names by herself by sounding them out, and teaching Karli to throw her baby on the floor and yell "Bad baby!" haha


  1. Kristen Thomas15 December, 2010

    You better watch out, she may try doing that with Dylan! Why do you two find it necessary to teach them such bad things??...I mean, I won't lie, I laughed!

  2. Oh, I'm not worried that someone will teach him bad things. I'm sure I will be the one teaching him worse! :)