Thursday, December 16


Dylan got to meet Santa today! He was a happy little guy as we waited in line, but turned out falling asleep. I don't blame him. We were the third family in line waiting for Santa to return from his break at 2:00, but when one of his "elves" showed up at 2:10, she wasn't the merriest elf.

Man: "Excuse me, ma'am, does Santa come back at 2?"
Elf: "We had a late lunch!! He'll be back late!"

This scene reminded me of this...

I can't wait for the 24 hours of this on Christmas Eve! Anyway, Santa ended up arriving at 2:30 and they sure do take their time with pictures. Dylan was able to sit on his lap at 3:15, keep in mind, we were THIRD in line. The Northpark Mall 4-hour wait might not have been that bad.

Santa was friendly, despite his little helper, and held Dylan while he was asleep and loved on him. They didn't let us take pictures with our camera, but the prices weren't too terrible. At least he wasn't screaming! :)



  1. Aaww those are sweet! That looks like a good Santa! None other than south plains mall??

  2. I love your santa pictures, so sweet! I just wanted to let you know that the comment you left me on my blog the other week made my day! You should have totally come and said hi, I would have loved it! The blog world is so fun and I love all the random connections. Anyways, hope you have a wonderful Christmas and maybe we will run into each other in the mall sometime again:)