Wednesday, January 26

good morning :)

How could you not love waking up to this? If I sneak in his room before Mark does, Mark gets upset and yells, "You stole my smiles!!" It's really cute. He is the happiest little guy in the mornings!


Tuesday, January 25

can't wait!

Many of you know that I have a addiction problem addiction with online shopping. It really is a problem. I do it too much, but I just had to share some of the things I bought online today and I can't wait to arrive in the mail!

I have written a few times about the website, where they have different deals every day. Well, today they have a $50 voucher for only $25 to The Laundress. When I saw this, I got excited and have been waiting to purchase some of these overpriced pretty laundry things. I hate doing laundry, but have a dream of creating a beautiful laundry room where everything is clean looking and feeling, where laundry will be more fun. We'll see if that ever happens... ha. Here is my attempt to get started on that...

These cleaning items are so pretty. I have decided to try the hand soap and lotion because I have had a terrible time keeping my hands soft after washing numerous amounts of dishes bottles every single day. Their soap and lotion are designed for hard cleaner use on your hands. I also ordered the Machine Cleaner. It is suppose to help with cleaning the washer, dishwasher, and pretty much anything else that gets lime build-up on it (which we get terrible in Lubbock!) I will have to let all of you know if these things are worth the price (probably not, but we shall see...)

I also just found out about the new OPI nailpolish Texas Collection. They have several nailpolishes for their Spring 2011 collection named after Texas cities and such. It's so cute! I picked two that I thought I might like...

I'll have to keep you posted on these, but excited for their arrival! :)

Sunday, January 23

our weekend

Aunt Kristen came to visit us! Nonnie and Duke came, too, but Dylan was more excited to see his Auntie since he hasn't seen her since he was born!

They played LOTS together and the whole family thinks that I am crazy with the ways I choose to entertain Dylan. (jumping on the bed with him laying on it, talking in a scary voice, singing and dancing to him, etc.) I thought all normal parents did this... oh well.

We are sad that we only got to spend a couple of days with them, but hopefully by spring break and summer time, we will have lots more fun with them, too. All of us (Me, Mark, Dylan, Hurley, and Chiko) seem to get in a better happy mood when they are around! :)

Dylan learned to text message one morning with Aunt Kristen showing him how. He is so techie. I think he needs his own Facebook page. O.K., I'll wait on that... :)

Sunday, January 16

3 months

Dylan is 3 months old! He is becoming such a big boy! Since he is drinking 7oz. each bottle, we have graduated out of the small bottles and now only use the tall ones. He also loves to sleep! He is being so sweet and sleeping around 8 - 10 hours every night most of the time! We just make sure that he has been up most of the day and gone somewhere. He likes to go places and it helps with his sleeping at night. He also enjoys bath time and loves to just sit in the water. We have been working on rolling over and holding our head up, but that is still taking practice. He is so silly and I just hate leaving him during the day now because he is so much fun to play with and sing songs to!
He is still glued to the television and loves to watch some show that teaches Chinese words, lol. His new favorite thing that makes him squeal is when Mommy makes a bumble bee noise and it lands on his cheek! :)

Friday, January 14

Wonderful gift idea!

As soon as I saw this website, I HAD to share it! I got so excited about it!

Some of you might know that we are obsessed with giving Dylan great children's books. My mom, his Nonnie, is the one to blame (the reading teacher, "Read to Succeed" her liscense plate on her car reads...) for this.

We have all heard about monthly gifts to give, such as the Cookie of the Month Club, the Fruit of the Month Club, etc., and the person receives a new one every month for a year. I was actually never interested in those monthly gift ideas until I came across this one, The Lollipop Book Club! You can buy books for children of all ages for 12 months, 6 months, 3 months, etc. You choose! You can even choose the books!

 I love that it has a special message to be kept inside of the book. I always love keeping note who each book is from and who the book is to!

I hope this inspires someone to give the gift of learning to a sweet kiddo in their life!

P.S. - No, I did not forget about my baby's 3-month birthday yesterday. A post will be coming very soon!

Wednesday, January 12

Valentine gifts

Want some simple Valentine's Day gift ideas? Here are some suggestions for babies and kids...
1. Where is Baby's Valentine? book 2. Bling Converse shoes 3. Personalized Valentine mail bag chair backer 4. cutie pie kid's donna heart legwarmers 5. Elizabeth Todd hunk shirt 6. Elizabeth Todd love shirt 7. boys personalized aluminum water bottle 8. girls personalized aluminum water bottle 9. personalized heart placemat 10. Penelope Wildberry sheetskin boots 11. Ruffle Me matching Mom & daughter scarves 12. Valentine silly bandz

Love your child's teacher? Don't forget to show them! Valentine's Day is a perfect opportunity to give your child's teacher a special gift. Coming from a teacher (me), here are some suggestions...

1. personalized mousepad 2. coach heart key ring 3. love notes notepad from momAgenda 4. tervis tumbler with lid 5. personalized paper weight 6. personalized clipboard 7. teacher scentsy warmer 8. momAgenda gift basket

Monday, January 10

Mystery gift

There was a baby gift for Dylan dropped off at the insurance building. No one knew who dropped it off and there wasn't a card, but if you are the mystery gift giver, I want to give you a big THANK YOU!!!! The gift consisted of The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD and two swaddling blankets.

I have had this book recommended to me, but never got a chance to order it and I am sure I wouldn't have had any time to sit down and actually read it, either. I didn't know that there was a DVD of it and Mark and I decided to pop it in the player the other night and just see what it was all about.Let me just tell you, it is AMAZING. We were in shock watching the different techniques work on several babies. It also had things click with us as to why there were certain things we did that calmed Dylan down when he was crying. The only problem was, we never did them in the correct order and consistently. It is mainly for the first three months and I feel we are a little late to start now since three months is only three days away for us, but decided to just try some of the things on him this weekend.

When you would think he would lay down to take a nap, after being awake for over 4 hours and having a bottle, he was still restless and fighting sleeping (like usual). I went ahead and swaddled him real tightly (we stopped swaddling him a while back when he kept kicking and fighting it - big mistake apparently), and then put him in his swing, shaking it really rough and shh-ing him really loudly in his ear. After about 5 minutes of this, he was out. He literally looked like the happiest baby on the block!! So peaceful, see for yourself...

I wish I would have seen this DVD sooner, but I am still excited that I have it and can still try some of the techniques.

P.S. - If you are the mystery gift giver, please email me and let me know because I would love to send you a Thank You note!

Friday, January 7

Back to work

What a hard week! I'm not sure if it was harder on me going back to work, or harder on Mark. He has now had to step up and help out more by doing the feedings in the middle of the night and early morning. He is also having to take him to his mom's on his way to work and bring him home, too. I think it is a shock to his system, but I also think it is good for him. I think it is good for him to be around him more, even though it is killing me to be away.

This first week back at school has actually gone much better than expected. The kids have been very excited and sweet to me. I am still getting Christmas gifts and sweet baby gifts for Dylan from them. I think I adjusted and got organized much faster than expected, as well. It is such a weird feeling to be happy back at work, but should I be? I am also sad to be away from my baby! I can't decide what I am! Just a mix of emotions!

Dylan holding his blanket one of my students and her mom made for him - soo sweet!

I just love seeing his little face when he comes home! I have more fun singing and playing with him because I think I actually might have more energy from getting a "break" by being gone during the day. I feel so guilty when I say or think that. It does help when I realize that I am surrounded by so many co-workers that have gone through the same thing and experienced the same feelings.

 Mommy singing and dancing for Dylan

All in all, I think I expected the worst and I was more than pleasantly surprised! It was a great week! :)