Sunday, January 16

3 months

Dylan is 3 months old! He is becoming such a big boy! Since he is drinking 7oz. each bottle, we have graduated out of the small bottles and now only use the tall ones. He also loves to sleep! He is being so sweet and sleeping around 8 - 10 hours every night most of the time! We just make sure that he has been up most of the day and gone somewhere. He likes to go places and it helps with his sleeping at night. He also enjoys bath time and loves to just sit in the water. We have been working on rolling over and holding our head up, but that is still taking practice. He is so silly and I just hate leaving him during the day now because he is so much fun to play with and sing songs to!
He is still glued to the television and loves to watch some show that teaches Chinese words, lol. His new favorite thing that makes him squeal is when Mommy makes a bumble bee noise and it lands on his cheek! :)

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  1. I think it is hilarious that he may already be learning chinese :) too funny! I just love those pics of him, he is so darling!