Friday, January 7

Back to work

What a hard week! I'm not sure if it was harder on me going back to work, or harder on Mark. He has now had to step up and help out more by doing the feedings in the middle of the night and early morning. He is also having to take him to his mom's on his way to work and bring him home, too. I think it is a shock to his system, but I also think it is good for him. I think it is good for him to be around him more, even though it is killing me to be away.

This first week back at school has actually gone much better than expected. The kids have been very excited and sweet to me. I am still getting Christmas gifts and sweet baby gifts for Dylan from them. I think I adjusted and got organized much faster than expected, as well. It is such a weird feeling to be happy back at work, but should I be? I am also sad to be away from my baby! I can't decide what I am! Just a mix of emotions!

Dylan holding his blanket one of my students and her mom made for him - soo sweet!

I just love seeing his little face when he comes home! I have more fun singing and playing with him because I think I actually might have more energy from getting a "break" by being gone during the day. I feel so guilty when I say or think that. It does help when I realize that I am surrounded by so many co-workers that have gone through the same thing and experienced the same feelings.

 Mommy singing and dancing for Dylan

All in all, I think I expected the worst and I was more than pleasantly surprised! It was a great week! :)


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