Tuesday, January 25

can't wait!

Many of you know that I have a addiction problem addiction with online shopping. It really is a problem. I do it too much, but I just had to share some of the things I bought online today and I can't wait to arrive in the mail!

I have written a few times about the website Zulily.com, where they have different deals every day. Well, today they have a $50 voucher for only $25 to The Laundress. When I saw this, I got excited and have been waiting to purchase some of these overpriced pretty laundry things. I hate doing laundry, but have a dream of creating a beautiful laundry room where everything is clean looking and feeling, where laundry will be more fun. We'll see if that ever happens... ha. Here is my attempt to get started on that...

These cleaning items are so pretty. I have decided to try the hand soap and lotion because I have had a terrible time keeping my hands soft after washing numerous amounts of dishes bottles every single day. Their soap and lotion are designed for hard cleaner use on your hands. I also ordered the Machine Cleaner. It is suppose to help with cleaning the washer, dishwasher, and pretty much anything else that gets lime build-up on it (which we get terrible in Lubbock!) I will have to let all of you know if these things are worth the price (probably not, but we shall see...)

I also just found out about the new OPI nailpolish Texas Collection. They have several nailpolishes for their Spring 2011 collection named after Texas cities and such. It's so cute! I picked two that I thought I might like...

I'll have to keep you posted on these, but excited for their arrival! :)

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