Monday, January 10

Mystery gift

There was a baby gift for Dylan dropped off at the insurance building. No one knew who dropped it off and there wasn't a card, but if you are the mystery gift giver, I want to give you a big THANK YOU!!!! The gift consisted of The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD and two swaddling blankets.

I have had this book recommended to me, but never got a chance to order it and I am sure I wouldn't have had any time to sit down and actually read it, either. I didn't know that there was a DVD of it and Mark and I decided to pop it in the player the other night and just see what it was all about.Let me just tell you, it is AMAZING. We were in shock watching the different techniques work on several babies. It also had things click with us as to why there were certain things we did that calmed Dylan down when he was crying. The only problem was, we never did them in the correct order and consistently. It is mainly for the first three months and I feel we are a little late to start now since three months is only three days away for us, but decided to just try some of the things on him this weekend.

When you would think he would lay down to take a nap, after being awake for over 4 hours and having a bottle, he was still restless and fighting sleeping (like usual). I went ahead and swaddled him real tightly (we stopped swaddling him a while back when he kept kicking and fighting it - big mistake apparently), and then put him in his swing, shaking it really rough and shh-ing him really loudly in his ear. After about 5 minutes of this, he was out. He literally looked like the happiest baby on the block!! So peaceful, see for yourself...

I wish I would have seen this DVD sooner, but I am still excited that I have it and can still try some of the techniques.

P.S. - If you are the mystery gift giver, please email me and let me know because I would love to send you a Thank You note!


  1. I'm curious about the book now, I think I may have to purchase it. We too haven't swaddled our little bug as much cause he is such a squirmer!

  2. get the dvd... it isn't very long to watch, maybe 30 minutes. much faster than trying to read a book! i liked actually watching them do the things, too!