Sunday, January 23

our weekend

Aunt Kristen came to visit us! Nonnie and Duke came, too, but Dylan was more excited to see his Auntie since he hasn't seen her since he was born!

They played LOTS together and the whole family thinks that I am crazy with the ways I choose to entertain Dylan. (jumping on the bed with him laying on it, talking in a scary voice, singing and dancing to him, etc.) I thought all normal parents did this... oh well.

We are sad that we only got to spend a couple of days with them, but hopefully by spring break and summer time, we will have lots more fun with them, too. All of us (Me, Mark, Dylan, Hurley, and Chiko) seem to get in a better happy mood when they are around! :)

Dylan learned to text message one morning with Aunt Kristen showing him how. He is so techie. I think he needs his own Facebook page. O.K., I'll wait on that... :)

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