Wednesday, January 12

Valentine gifts

Want some simple Valentine's Day gift ideas? Here are some suggestions for babies and kids...
1. Where is Baby's Valentine? book 2. Bling Converse shoes 3. Personalized Valentine mail bag chair backer 4. cutie pie kid's donna heart legwarmers 5. Elizabeth Todd hunk shirt 6. Elizabeth Todd love shirt 7. boys personalized aluminum water bottle 8. girls personalized aluminum water bottle 9. personalized heart placemat 10. Penelope Wildberry sheetskin boots 11. Ruffle Me matching Mom & daughter scarves 12. Valentine silly bandz

Love your child's teacher? Don't forget to show them! Valentine's Day is a perfect opportunity to give your child's teacher a special gift. Coming from a teacher (me), here are some suggestions...

1. personalized mousepad 2. coach heart key ring 3. love notes notepad from momAgenda 4. tervis tumbler with lid 5. personalized paper weight 6. personalized clipboard 7. teacher scentsy warmer 8. momAgenda gift basket

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