Monday, February 28

Our Weekend

I got strep throat, but got to the doctor immediately and got some antibiotics. On the bright side, Dylan had some fun playing with some new toys that I finally put together...

Monday, February 21

Our weekend

Friday night we made a quick trip to Target to grab some things, like diapers, duh. Anyway, while we were in the baby section, I see this...
You can always count on Target to make a replica of a very expensive design for much much less. Unfortunately, I am the one that bought all of Dylan's baby bedding from Restoration Hardware, and let's just say, the sheets were not $17.99 each. Ugh. To burst my bubble some more, as soon as we got home, I got sick. I was confined to the bathroom for a good two and half hours and it was not good. I'm not sure if I caught a bug or what happened. I got some rest and I'm feeling a little bit better now. Hopefully, Dylan will not get what I had! (fingers crossed)

Saturday I decided to make a little race day shirt for Dylan to wear on Sunday in celebration for the Daytona 500. I took a short-sleeved and a long-sleeved onesie (just incase I messed one up, which I did) and dyed them royal blue. They didn't have navy blue, so that is as close as I could get. Once they dried, I printed off a #24 decal and outlined it on freezer paper. I cut the numbers out, ironed the freezer paper on the onesie and then painted with yellow (pretty much a sticky stencil) Then, I peeled the paper off and wah-la! Well, I messed the first one up. (The center of the number four moved as I was painting and almost done. There were curse words involved. Don't worry, Monkey was in bed and didn't hear.)

The second try was much better and I was more careful. I only did one light-coat of paint because I wanted the numbers to look a little worn. I think it turned out cute. Of course, any boy sporting the #24 is cute to me! :)

We were ready and happy to watch the race on Sunday. It didn't take long for us to change the channel since Jeff got caught up in a big wreck and out. Oh well, we looked cute and that is all that matters! :)

Oh, we also had to try on a super cute outfit one of my students, Abby, gave me for Dylan! It is too big right now, but I couldn't resist at least putting him in it to see how cute he looked, and boy did he!

The cutest Raider Red I have ever seen! Go Tech!


Sunday, February 13

Our Valentine's Day

We decided to celebrate Valentine's Day on Sunday because we knew it would just be too much to try and deal with on a Monday night. Mark had to run some errands in the morning and when he got home, I got busted; playing in the crib with Dylan!

Mark decided to make us dinner and it was so yummy; filet mignon and heart-shaped brownie ice cream sundaes! It was really good and the best part was that this was the first time we got to sit down and actually eat together because Dylan took a short nap. Of course, he woke up as soon as I put the spoon down, but we were thankful for that short dinner together. Then, we went outside for a little bit because it was such a nice, warm day!

We came inside and opened Valentine gifts after some sunshine. Mark gave me a Flip video camera that I have been wanting and I got him a custom-made keychain of our tattoo design. For those of you that don't know, Mark and I got matching tattoos on Valentine's Day in 2007 that I designed.

Dylan had a basket full of goodies. He got two books; Where is Baby's Valentine?, and Kai Lan's Super Happy Heart. He also got two Singamajigs and my favorite gift, his very first snowglobe.


4 months

Dylan is 4 months old!

We can tell he is turning into such a big boy already. He has started grabbing his toys and even grabbing to pet Hurley. Hurley is still trying to get used to this and is getting much better. Dylan has also started to throw some real "fits". He kicks his legs and slams his elbows into you if he doesn't like something. We have noticed these are truly just little "fits" because as soon as we stand up with him, it stops.

He is drinking 8oz. every bottle and could probably eat a little more. He is still sleeping through the night very very very well. He goes to bed around 9:00 and sleeps until 7 or 8. We have started giving him a bath around 7:30 every night and getting him settled and ready for bed. They say that you aren't supposed to bathe a baby that often, but he lovvves bath time and I do not want to mess up this nice routine we have going now. He laughs a lot (more like a squeal) and loves when we try to "eat" his feet and tummy! We are still working on sitting up on our own and rolling over. We haven't quite got those down yet. When we roll him over on his tummy, he is able to lift his head up pretty high, though. He thinks it is so much fun to stand on his own! He holds on to our hands and will stand on the floor or our knees for a very long time and seems so happy doing it. He loves to look around like a big boy!


Friday, February 11

School Valentine's

I tried. I thought these cookie cutters I ordered from William's Sonoma would be the most awesome thing on the planet. Well, of course it was one of those things that they make sound so cute and simple, but it's NOT! Mark ended up having to do most of the work cutting them out because I was getting so frustrated. They are called Message in a Cookie and you can create whatever message you want on the cookies. I decided to make special cookies for my students this year that read "Mrs. Rhoads Luvz U" I don't know if you can really tell they say that from the pictures and some of them didn't turn out very well. On the bright side, and I mean bright, the food coloring wasn't playing around! I barely put any in the mix and boy did it turn out bright! I used the Wilton food coloring that is supposed to be for icing only. Anyway, you can see my work of ... art?? haha. Oh well, the kids ate them right up!


Wednesday, February 9

One year ago...

Today, exactly one year ago, I found out that I was pregnant. I remembered the exact day. I did not write it down on the calendar, but for some reason, I have just remembered this day and couldn't go without acknowledging it.

It was one evening where Mark and I were just hanging out, doing the usual; watching T.V., getting ready for the next day, etc. I wasn't feeling sick, but for some reason when I went to the bathroom, I thought to myself, "Hey, I should just take a test and see what happens." I have peed on many of these sticks before and was definitely expecting to see the words "Not pregnant" show up like they always have. Of course, this was just a few days before Valentine's Day and as I am waiting the 3 minutes on the results, I start thinking about how adorable it would be if I were pregnant (yea right! not me...) to surprise Mark by telling him in some cute way with a baby Valentine bib or something cute about saying he will be a Daddy, then I see the word: PREGNANT.

Without thinking a second longer, I am not sure what came over me, but I went RUNNING down the hallway, into the living room and start shaking the pregnancy test in Mark's face. Guess the sweet Valentine surprise went out the window. He had no idea what was going on and I finally stopped and showed him the test and said, "Um, are we ready for this?!" Mark's response, "Well, we better get ready!" I can always count on him to say the right thing at the right time. ha.

That was that. I called Mom, then my sister, Kristen, and then my BFF, Angela with the good news. We tried to keep it a secret from everyone else until I went into the doctor at 8 weeks. Turns out, my sister was able to figure out that I had actually only been pregnant for 7-9 days at the most (she's a Labor & Delivery nurse and had her little calendar chart to see). It is very rare to detect a pregnancy that soon and since it was so early, the doctor made me wait until exactly 8 weeks along to come in. Those were a long 8 weeks. Long. Really long. I peed on who-knows how many pregnancy tests everyday until we went to the doctor. It said pregnant everytime, but I still had no sick feeling and just wasn't convinced. I was even the weirdo that was scared to poop because I was scared I might push too hard and lose the baby!

I eventually pooped. I didn't lose the baby. :)

38 weeks later...... an adorable monkey popped out! :)


Sunday, February 6

Dylan's 1st Super Bowl Sunday

Sunday morning we woke up to MORE snow falling! It looked really pretty, but wasn't enough to go outside and build a snowman. I woke up to this...

If you know my husband, this is his form of an apology. I ate three. My bad.

Dylan got to wake up to this....
kisses from Hurley! Soo cute! :)

This was also Dylan's first Super Bowl Sunday! We actually don't really give much thought to the Super Bowl and hardly even watch NFL football in our house. Since nothing else was on T.V., we watched it and decided we would cheer for the Green Bay Packers since Graham Harrell plays for them now! I even managed to find a little green and yellow outfit for Dylan to wear! Dylan's favorite part was watching the Halftime Show and dancing to The Black Eyed Peas!


Tuesday, February 1

Our Weekend

I completely forgot to update about our weekend and it's almost Wednesday! Oh well, I guess that's what happens when you have a sick kiddo!

We spent Saturday hanging out being lazy. I should have known something was up when Dylan just wanted to lay around and watch T.V. (lots of Ni Hao - Kai Lan, his favorite little Chinese show, lol) He even curled up with Mommy's baby blanket from when she was a baby!

We normally try to get out and do something with him each day, so when our friends Rusty and Briana called to go eat dinner, we jumped on it! Dylan was such a good little boy while at dinner and when he began to get restless, I just took him out of his car seat to sit on my lap. Then, we turned into those people at the restaurant with a baby. Ugh. Dylan's tiny little fingers are getting good at grabbing things and he decided to grab at my glass full to the top of ice water. It dumped all over me, him, and crashed into a million broken pieces on the floor! I just covered my face in horror as everyone in the restaurant was looking at us. We hurried to finish our dessert and I waddled out of there like a wet penguin to go change clothes.

That night, he got extremely fussy and wasn't himself. He woke up every two hours and needed lots of comforting. The next day, he came down with a fever and very runny nose. We are still trying to battle it with a humidifier and Tylenol. Given what happened the night before, on Sunday we decided to stay in with our sick little guy and just have frozen pizza for dinner.

Hopefully we can fight this little cold off without making a trip to the doctor in this weather!

First Snow Day!

I know, I am a horrible mother. I took Dylan out in the snow when he is sick! He has been running a fever and had a very runny nose for a couple of days now, but I just couldn't take it if I didn't have a picture of him on his 1st Snow Day with Mommy! We ran out and took a picture and then came running back in the house! He looks like the cutest little snow bunny to me, though! :)