Sunday, February 13

4 months

Dylan is 4 months old!

We can tell he is turning into such a big boy already. He has started grabbing his toys and even grabbing to pet Hurley. Hurley is still trying to get used to this and is getting much better. Dylan has also started to throw some real "fits". He kicks his legs and slams his elbows into you if he doesn't like something. We have noticed these are truly just little "fits" because as soon as we stand up with him, it stops.

He is drinking 8oz. every bottle and could probably eat a little more. He is still sleeping through the night very very very well. He goes to bed around 9:00 and sleeps until 7 or 8. We have started giving him a bath around 7:30 every night and getting him settled and ready for bed. They say that you aren't supposed to bathe a baby that often, but he lovvves bath time and I do not want to mess up this nice routine we have going now. He laughs a lot (more like a squeal) and loves when we try to "eat" his feet and tummy! We are still working on sitting up on our own and rolling over. We haven't quite got those down yet. When we roll him over on his tummy, he is able to lift his head up pretty high, though. He thinks it is so much fun to stand on his own! He holds on to our hands and will stand on the floor or our knees for a very long time and seems so happy doing it. He loves to look around like a big boy!


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