Sunday, February 6

Dylan's 1st Super Bowl Sunday

Sunday morning we woke up to MORE snow falling! It looked really pretty, but wasn't enough to go outside and build a snowman. I woke up to this...

If you know my husband, this is his form of an apology. I ate three. My bad.

Dylan got to wake up to this....
kisses from Hurley! Soo cute! :)

This was also Dylan's first Super Bowl Sunday! We actually don't really give much thought to the Super Bowl and hardly even watch NFL football in our house. Since nothing else was on T.V., we watched it and decided we would cheer for the Green Bay Packers since Graham Harrell plays for them now! I even managed to find a little green and yellow outfit for Dylan to wear! Dylan's favorite part was watching the Halftime Show and dancing to The Black Eyed Peas!


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