Tuesday, February 1

Our Weekend

I completely forgot to update about our weekend and it's almost Wednesday! Oh well, I guess that's what happens when you have a sick kiddo!

We spent Saturday hanging out being lazy. I should have known something was up when Dylan just wanted to lay around and watch T.V. (lots of Ni Hao - Kai Lan, his favorite little Chinese show, lol) He even curled up with Mommy's baby blanket from when she was a baby!

We normally try to get out and do something with him each day, so when our friends Rusty and Briana called to go eat dinner, we jumped on it! Dylan was such a good little boy while at dinner and when he began to get restless, I just took him out of his car seat to sit on my lap. Then, we turned into those people at the restaurant with a baby. Ugh. Dylan's tiny little fingers are getting good at grabbing things and he decided to grab at my glass full to the top of ice water. It dumped all over me, him, and crashed into a million broken pieces on the floor! I just covered my face in horror as everyone in the restaurant was looking at us. We hurried to finish our dessert and I waddled out of there like a wet penguin to go change clothes.

That night, he got extremely fussy and wasn't himself. He woke up every two hours and needed lots of comforting. The next day, he came down with a fever and very runny nose. We are still trying to battle it with a humidifier and Tylenol. Given what happened the night before, on Sunday we decided to stay in with our sick little guy and just have frozen pizza for dinner.

Hopefully we can fight this little cold off without making a trip to the doctor in this weather!

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