Friday, February 11

School Valentine's

I tried. I thought these cookie cutters I ordered from William's Sonoma would be the most awesome thing on the planet. Well, of course it was one of those things that they make sound so cute and simple, but it's NOT! Mark ended up having to do most of the work cutting them out because I was getting so frustrated. They are called Message in a Cookie and you can create whatever message you want on the cookies. I decided to make special cookies for my students this year that read "Mrs. Rhoads Luvz U" I don't know if you can really tell they say that from the pictures and some of them didn't turn out very well. On the bright side, and I mean bright, the food coloring wasn't playing around! I barely put any in the mix and boy did it turn out bright! I used the Wilton food coloring that is supposed to be for icing only. Anyway, you can see my work of ... art?? haha. Oh well, the kids ate them right up!


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