Sunday, March 13

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

I know, these last posts are a tad bit out of order if you want to get technical on me. TODAY Dylan turned 5 months and YESTERDAY, Mark turned 29. I just didn't think I would have a chance to do the posts, but I found time since Nonnie and Duke are here to entertain Dylan.

Dylan and Mark
Daddy's Birthday - 29!

I'm not sure which one out of these two is more spoiled. I'd say they are about even. Mark was spoiled with lots of birthday presents like a new iPod from Dylan and Mommy that was engraved "Monkey & Mommy love you!" He also got some big tool (some saw he needed) from my parents, which you know it is something fancy since my Dad was involved in picking it out. Dylan liked playing in the big box it came in.

We went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse and had a lovely 2-hour wait before they seated us, but Dylan did very well and was such a good boy at dinner, too. 


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  1. happy birthday to mark! love the pic of him and dylan!