Tuesday, March 22

Spring not-so-much Break

For at least 4 years now, I can recall myself telling Mark, "Next year, we will NOT go anywhere or do ANYTHING during Spring Break!" Once again, I ate my words and there was no "break" in my Spring at all. Something always comes up. I did think that this would be a break filled with relaxing and shopping, but since my Aunt Mary passed away and I definitely wanted to attend the funeral with my family, it turned into a week with lots, and I mean lots, of travelling. Mark stayed behind to work and watch the animals and Dylan and I went to Dallas to stay with Nonnie & Duke, then the following day, we drove to Arkansas. Two days later, drove back to Dallas, then another two days later, drove back to Lubbock. I was sick of the car and I know Dylan was really sick of being in the car.

I fit in one afternoon of shopping for Dylan and I am working on him picking out his own things already. I hold clothes up to him and ask if he likes them. He either smiles or shakes his head 'No'. If he smiles, I buy it. Of course. The real kicker was when I held an Elmo doll up for him and he reached out for it, grabbed it, and hugged it. Yup, I bought it. :)

He actually did very well, for the most part, while on the road. He would have about one "fit" each time and I would have to take him out of his car seat, or "bucket" like his girlfriend calls it :), and let him stretch and sit on my lap. I knew that all of the travelling would throw his normal schedule off a bit, but when we got back home on Saturday evening, he woke up with the most horrible cough and barky voice. It was just horrible! We stayed up with him to hold him upright while he slept, hoping it would get better with a steamy shower and humidifier, but around 6 A.M., we knew it was just getting worse and had to make our first trip to the Children's Emergency Room. They diagnosed him with Croup and gave him a shot. Since then, we have had some sleepless nights, up holding and comforting him and last night he finally slept through the night again. Hopefully that means he is getting over this, fingers crossed. It is so sad having a sick little monkey! We have to keep him sitting up as much as possible and have spent most of the time doing this...

Oh yeah, we are definitely teething now too. He even likes to suck on the frozen teethers, when before they were too cold and he pulled away.We have slobber, slobber, slobber!

Next Spring Break, I am doing NOTHING and not going ANYWHERE!... yea right!

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