Sunday, April 24

Easter Sunday

I can't wait until next year so I can hide eggs and have an egg hunt for Dylan. I think the Easter traditions are the most fun! Everything is so pretty and springy and filled with animals, but since we didn't have an egg hunt (and I am ready to go all-out for one next year), I went to town with his Easter baskets and so did Aunt Kristen and Nonnie!

This baby is so funny and cute, how could you not spoil him?!

Our Weekend

We had a busy weekend! Nonnie and Duke came to spend Easter with us and we had a lot of invitations to other Easter Parties and Egg Hunts, but had to limit ourselves. Maybe next year we will have more Egg Hunting since Dylan will be able to walk and understand what it going on a bit more.

On Saturday, we went to our niece, Kati's, soccer game. It was funny to watch the little girls play (only 4 on the team). I kept saying that they all played better than I could and I wasn't lying. Anything that involves a ball that might come flying into my face, count me out. That pretty much eliminates most sports. Anyway, they were super cute and it was fun! I made our little family shirts to cheer Kati on for fun and I think they turned out cute. Pretty simple, but cute. I was proud of myself...

Here is us with the cutest soccer star, Kati...
*not pictured, Dylan - sleeping in the car with his Nonnie

When we got home from the soccer game we found a sweet Easter surprise for Dylan at the door from Papa Tom and Kristi! One of the gifts was the hooded towel that Kristi made just for Dylan with his name on it. It turned out so good and cute! It was exciting and we are sad we missed them... again! Thank you Tom and Kristi, we love you!!!

Up next: Easter presents post, stay tuned...  :)

Recycled Crayons

Well, some of us had to go to school on Friday, a.k.a., Good Friday and Earth Day. To make it a tiny bit more fun, I decided to do a little Earth Day project with my class that I had never done before; make recycled crayons. I usually think that most craft projects and even projects that I try for the first time in the kitchen turn out ugly, but these crayons worked amazingly! I was so excited and so were the kids! I had never heard, "This is the best day ever!" and "You're the best teacher ever!" so many times in one day! They had so much fun and it didn't involve much work or preparation at all. It was also very cute when they would see someone in the hallway, or when someone would come into our classroom, they would jump to explain to them that we were making recycled crayons "because it is Earth Day and we are recycling." So darn cute! I hope they remember this fun little project forever.

How we did it:

First, we separated all of our old crayons and broken crayons into color coded cups and peeled the paper off of them.
I brought some silicone cupcake molds that were fun shapes and each student got to pick their own color combination and shape, then they would come up there and make their crayon.
I brought my toaster over from home to bake them in. We placed each set in the little oven for 15 minutes, or until we could tell that they were completely melted. After they were melted and basically liquid, we took them out of the oven to sit and cool. I put them in my small refrigerator to speed up the process, too.

After they were cooled and hardened, we pushed the crayons out of the mold and got this...
 Each student got to take home their personal crayon creation in a fun Easter bag and then we made some extra to keep in the classroom and for some friends. It was a blast!

Monday, April 18

Sticky Bellies

I have had quite a few questions as to where I get Dylan's cute little onesies that he wears for each month milestone. They are actually stickers from Sticky Bellies and super cute! I am heart broken that I didn't know about them until he was three months and wish I would have had them for month 1 and 2.

After I bought his, I saw them popping up everywhere, including Etsy! They have some very cute ones with different prints and colors on them, too! They make great baby shower gifts! Enjoy!

Sunday, April 17

Our Weekend

What's in a name?

I really can't believe that I forgot to tell everyone this little bit of info. Last Monday, one of my students came up to me right away to tell me that her baby brother was born the night before! She was super excited about it and showing me pictures that she had taken on her iPod. She told me that her mother let her help pick out her baby brother's name and she wanted to name him Dylan.

No, it wasn't a coincidence, she actually wanted to "name him after Mrs. Rhoads baby." I wasn't sure how to react to this good news, of course, I was flattered, but I was also a little... hmm, weirded out? I guess I still have mixed feelings about it, but it was very sweet of her to want to name her brother after my son immediately.

Who knew that 6-month old baby would already have someone named after him? He isn't even a King (well, not to anyone else) or anything! I guess this means her brother is going to be destined for great things in life! :)

Oh yeah, don't forget to vote! As soon as everyone does, I can shut up about it! lol

Saturday, April 16

Free Easter Printables

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Yes, I can make printable cupcake toppers and other things for all occasions. You will need to contact me for pricing on that. Thanks!


Friday, April 15

Millionaire Mom

There has recently been an amazing opportunity to become an editor for a company called Hopscout. It is a cute company that provides one amazing deal for moms and babies each day. As an editor, I would be able to review and test out cool products and let you know if they are worth buying or not. 

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Thank you so so so much for your support!
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Wednesday, April 13

6 months old!

Monkey is 6 months old today! He turns into more of a little stinker every day! We don't get to go visit Dr. G for our 6-month wellness for a couple of weeks, so I am not sure how much he weighs or how long he is, but I am guessing around 20 lbs., maybe more. He is a chunk! We are still working on eating solid foods, but still sticking with oatmeal and banana cereal mostly.

Any day now teeth will probably start popping up because he is so slobbery and teething 24/7! He laughs and screams a lot when we try to "eat" his back or belly. He has gotten very good at lifting his arms out and reaching for us when we walk by and throwing a fit wanting to be held.

He still hasn't rolled over! Can you believe that!? We don't count him rolling from side to side, it only counts with us if he is on his back and rolls over to his tummy by himself.

He still loves watching T.V. and has his favorite programs; Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Ni Hao Kai Lan, The Wonder Pets, and Blues Clues.

6 - 9 months clothes are fitting him the best and it seems like he could outgrow those soon! He is wearing size 2 diapers, but I think we might need to move on up to size 3 already, too! He is a growing boy and so much fun! We just love him so so much!

Monday, April 11

Mmm, oranges!

Well, leave it to me to feed something to my child I wasn't supposed to yet! I guess there isn't really a rule against feeding a baby oranges, but I didn't even bother to look it up before I gave it to him, oops. I wonder how all of the old people knew when and what to feed their babies. I use Google, and well, Google wasn't around when I was born.

Anyway, I was cutting up some of those little orange cuties to eat and Dylan was sitting there watching me. I took a slice of one and put it on his tongue for him to taste to see if he would make one of those silly sour faces, but he licked it up and reached out to grab it and eat more. I decided to cut a couple of pieces of it up and put it in one of those mesh bags for him to eat it out of, or I guess suck the juice out of, and he went to town on it! He loved it and just kept smiling and wanting more! I took it away from him after a couple of minutes, but not until I took about 50 pictures of him eating and then gave him his cereal. I guess I will watch him for allergies now... good grief!


Sunday, April 10

Our Weekend

We have been trying to give Dylan his baby veggies for a couple of weeks now. He wants nothing to do with them! He actually cringes and spits the food in our face! He still loves to eat his oatmeal and banana cereal, though. He has started diving forward with his mouth open trying to get more cereal, which makes eating time more fun. Not only does he not like the veggies (who could blame him, yuck!), but he doesn't like apple juice, either! Who doesn't like apple juice?! I did get him to start drinking some water after we have been outside or a couple of swallows after he eats his cereal and he doesn't mind that, but I am still working on the apple juice. I will not give up on that one!

Monkey is still teething. I haven't been able to feel anything actually coming in, but he is in lots of pain off and on. He rubs his face and sucks on his hands so much his poor little skin around his mouth is getting all dry and chapped! I try to put lotion on it, but I'm not sure it is really helping. We finally found a teething gel that works. He hated the Baby Orajel so much and would just SCREAM when we used it, but for some reason the CVS brand of Baby Orajel seems to work perfectly for him and works fast, too!! :)

We took Dylan to the park on Sunday for the first time. He loved the swing and just kept laughing and staring at the ground as we would push him. Daddy took him down the slide a couple of times, too, but they both seemed bored with it quickly.

On a side note...

Am I a weird Mommy? For the past week, I have been sleeping with one of Dylan's baby blankets. I'm sure I sound ridiculous, but I have nightmares when I sleep without it! Not nightmares about Dylan, just bad dreams in general and I find that I sleep so much better with his blanket. I never grew up sleeping with a special blanket, my sister did, but now I am 26, a wife, a mother, and I have a security blanket. Hmmm.

Monkey meets Bunny

I have to admit, I am very surprised that Dylan did so well meeting the Easter Bunny. Let's be real, the Easter Bunny is scary looking! I was even more worried that he was asleep when we first got there and I could see it then that he would be woken up by this ridiculously scary looking white thing and just have a melt down. I know, the glass is half empty with me.

Leave it to my child to prove me wrong. He behaved so well and didn't act the least bit frightened by the bunny. He even seemed happy to be there and loving all of the attention! (Visions of an Easter party are popping in my head for next year already! It will be off the hook!)


Sunday, April 3

Our weekend

I was first introduced to the Find It games when Dylan and I went to my cousin's home during Spring Break a few weeks ago. The little games are so addicting and as soon as I got home, I had to get one for myself. They are fun and I really recommend them to anyone to play with when you're bored.

If you know anything about these games, the big challenge is to find the penny. It is super hard and when you find it, if you ever do, you can go online and register your game number and the year on your penny. Well, Mark and I have spent hours and hours trying to find this darn penny and we have seen it several times, however, we don't think that it really counts when we see it unless we find the year on it. Well...