Wednesday, April 13

6 months old!

Monkey is 6 months old today! He turns into more of a little stinker every day! We don't get to go visit Dr. G for our 6-month wellness for a couple of weeks, so I am not sure how much he weighs or how long he is, but I am guessing around 20 lbs., maybe more. He is a chunk! We are still working on eating solid foods, but still sticking with oatmeal and banana cereal mostly.

Any day now teeth will probably start popping up because he is so slobbery and teething 24/7! He laughs and screams a lot when we try to "eat" his back or belly. He has gotten very good at lifting his arms out and reaching for us when we walk by and throwing a fit wanting to be held.

He still hasn't rolled over! Can you believe that!? We don't count him rolling from side to side, it only counts with us if he is on his back and rolls over to his tummy by himself.

He still loves watching T.V. and has his favorite programs; Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Ni Hao Kai Lan, The Wonder Pets, and Blues Clues.

6 - 9 months clothes are fitting him the best and it seems like he could outgrow those soon! He is wearing size 2 diapers, but I think we might need to move on up to size 3 already, too! He is a growing boy and so much fun! We just love him so so much!


  1. don't you just want to kiss that face alllll day?! he is so cute and getting so big! I love reading your blog and seeing waht to expect with Colton in the near future...we have stolen a few ideas too. :)

  2. he is such a little toot! lol thank you!!!