Friday, April 15

Millionaire Mom

There has recently been an amazing opportunity to become an editor for a company called Hopscout. It is a cute company that provides one amazing deal for moms and babies each day. As an editor, I would be able to review and test out cool products and let you know if they are worth buying or not. 

There are different rounds of applying and the first round requires a video submission on their Facebook page. Anyone can vote on my video, but the vote only counts one time. 

Please, please, please take one minute to share your love and support for my family by voting for my video. I am pretty sure that you have to have a Facebook account to vote (this might even force my husband to create one) and you simply 'Like' the Hopscout page and then find my video and click 'Vote'! Voting ends on Friday, April 22nd, so hurry already! :)

Thank you so so so much for your support!
Click HERE to vote for my video!


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