Monday, April 11

Mmm, oranges!

Well, leave it to me to feed something to my child I wasn't supposed to yet! I guess there isn't really a rule against feeding a baby oranges, but I didn't even bother to look it up before I gave it to him, oops. I wonder how all of the old people knew when and what to feed their babies. I use Google, and well, Google wasn't around when I was born.

Anyway, I was cutting up some of those little orange cuties to eat and Dylan was sitting there watching me. I took a slice of one and put it on his tongue for him to taste to see if he would make one of those silly sour faces, but he licked it up and reached out to grab it and eat more. I decided to cut a couple of pieces of it up and put it in one of those mesh bags for him to eat it out of, or I guess suck the juice out of, and he went to town on it! He loved it and just kept smiling and wanting more! I took it away from him after a couple of minutes, but not until I took about 50 pictures of him eating and then gave him his cereal. I guess I will watch him for allergies now... good grief!



  1. where did you get that mesh bag thing? babies r us or target? thinking we should get some, what a clever little idea!

  2. I actually got this one from my sister-in-law, but I have seem them at Babies R Us over by the plates and spoons and stuff!